Johanna Alkan-Olsson. Foto.

Johanna Alkan Olsson


Johanna Alkan-Olsson. Foto.

Linking International Human Rights Law to Policy in Protecting against Adverse Effects of Climate Change


  • Ilhami Alkan Olsson
  • Johanna Alkan Olsson

Summary, in English

The article aims to illustrate the multifaceted interlink between climate change, heat, and human rights and discuss in what ways international human rights law may be used to support the development and implementation of policy at various levels to limit adverse effects of climate change on humans in general and right to health in particular. This is done by overviewing the possibilities and limits international law offers and displays in the fields of the environment, climate change and heat. Moreover, through emphasising the inter-linkages between international law and domestic law and policy, the article sets out how and by what means international human rights law is and may be incorporated and used in national law and policy-making in the area of climate change. The article concludes that human rights norms and principles could be used to promote a right-based national climate change regime in six different ways.


  • Political Science
  • Earth and Related Environmental Sciences




  • ISSN: 1303-734X