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Johanna Alkan Olsson

Social environmental scientist

About me and my research

I have a PhD from Theme Environment (previously Theme Water) at Linköping University (2003). My doctoral project focused on the critical load concept as a boundary object in the development of national and international air pollution regulation during the 1980e and 90s. Today my research is increasingly focusing on environmental dilemmas in the urban context mainly the relation between blue green structures and the rest of the built areas in the context of strategic spatial planning and human wellbeing. But I am also involved in projects covering climate adaptation of cultural heritage, coping strategies in an increasingly hot climate, biodiversity and cultural ecosystem services in agriculture, PFAS pollution of drinking water - risk management and communication, public procurement and the reduction of CO2 emissions  in the infrastructure and construction sectors.

If there is a need to place my-self in relation to scientific disciplines, I would situate my-self in the cross road between, environmental resource management, political science - public administration, law and society studies and the social studies of science and technology.

Three interrelated research areas

My research cover despite the large divergence in envrionmental topics three interrelated reserach areas. These areas relate to three  trends in today's environmental policy regimes the; Intensified use of experts and aggregated science in the form of ICT technologies models and interfaces as a tool to articulate what the "problem" is and how it should be resolved. Increased demand for active stakeholder participation to reduce environmental problems and create adaptive management structures to handle wicked problems; Enlarged need to understand the relations and non-relations between different administrative scales and an urge to develop new institutional structure to fulfil national and global environmental and sustainable development goals.


1. The role of, science and especially computer based tools such as models and assessment tools, within the paradigm of “evidence-based” policy making


2.  Participatory processes and social change including participatory design as a mean to promote processed based environmental management


3. The interaction between rules, norms at different regulatory scales to manage environment problems

Interaction with stakeholders

My projects are always stakeholder related and the research processes are often designed, performed and disseminated in close interaction with stakeholders and policy makers at local, national and international level. Research has been and  conducted in close contact with for example:

  • EU Commission, DG environment DG agriculture DG research, DG Regio and DG Eco fin.
  • Ministries and national agencies related to the Environment in Sweden, England and Turkey.
  • Lobbyists and other pan European organizations focusing on agricultural Politics and Climate change.
  • European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy
  • County Administrative Boards in the region of Skåne, Kalmar and Kronoberg
  • Municipalities in Sweden, France, England and Turkey
  • Business: Riksbyggen, Kraftringen, Skanska, EON
  • Consultants: COWI, WSP
  • Local organistions: Water councils, Hållbar Utveckling Skåne

Disciplinary cooperation

Most of my research has been undertaken in a multi- or trans-disciplinary context. I have cooperated with scientist from most of the social and natural sciences, engineers and researchers from the medical disciplines as well as law.


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Retrieved from Lund University's publications database


Retrieved from Lund University's publications database

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Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC)

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Links to ongoing projects

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Implementation of Procurement Requirements for Sustainable Collaboration in Infrastructure Project IMPRES

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Public speaches and lectures


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