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Applying for funding – CEC checklist

All applications for funding to external or internal funders must be approved by the CEC director beforehand.

This applies to all applications where the project or part of the project is to be placed at CEC. 

Get an approval from the director before deadline

To make the process effective and easy for both researchers and administrators, and to make sure you don´t miss any important parts, please use the checklist below.

    To get an approval

    Copy the bullet point-list below into a word-document, add your comments, and send by e-mail to the CEC research coordinator:

    • Preliminary title
    • Main applicant
    • Co-applicants
    • Will you be using Biology’s lab? (see also below for further instructions)
    • Funder and call (a link is highly appriciated)
    • Call deadline and date for decision (if given by funder)
    • Amount asked for (approximately)
    • Are you planning for a PhD-student in the project?
    • Is co-funding required?
    • Names of any named person expected to achieve salary or any positions expected to be created (e.g. post-doc)

    The basic rule is that the list is sent to the CEC's research coordinator no later than 1 week before the call closes. Some applications require longer advance notice:

    • If you are applying for a FORMAS Research project for early-career researchers or a VR Starting Grant, you must contact the CEC's research coordinator no later than 3 weeks before the deadline to confirm that your research project can be placed at the CEC.
    • Contact the CEC's research coordinator immediately if you need co-financing or if you are planning or participating in a larger application, for example within Horizon Europe.

    If you intend to use Biology’s lab in your project

    The cost to use the lab is included in the CEC overhead cost (as of January 1, 2021), no extra budget calculation is needed. However – you must contact the person in charge of the lab at Biology and check that you can use the lab. This must be done before you send in your application to the funder. If you get funded (congratulations!), an agreement between CEC and Biology has to be signed so that we can keep track of how many researchers are using the lab. Contact the CEC Research Coordinator to get support with this.

    To get an approval

    Contact the person in charge of the lab as soon as you know you will want to use the lab. Include the information in the list above sent to the CEC research coordinator.

    Get the full cost application approved and signed by the finance officer and the director before deadline

    The full cost application (“fullkostnadskalkyl”) to all applications where CEC is taking part have to be reviewed and approved by the finance officer and the director. This is the case if (1) a researcher at CEC is main or co-applicant, (2) the application involves funding of positions at CEC. This also applies to BECC / MERGE applications, and is the case whether the application involves co-funding or not.

    To get an approval

    Complete the full cost application in dialogue with the finance officer. Then print the full cost application, sign it and hand it the finance officer who will sign it and present it to the director.

    The full cost application must be approved by the CEC's finance officer and director no later than 3 days before the call closes. Since changes in the calculation often need to be made during the review, it is advisable to communicate the full-cost calculation with the finance officer one week before the call closes.

    The full cost application can be found in the left margin or via this link:

    Link to Full cost application on


    The final approval of the application from the funders point of view will often be that the head of department signs in Prisma (e.g. for FORMAS and VR) or other tools provided by the funder. The CEC director will however only sign if you have completed the above steps beforehand.

    If the application is to be submitted via Prisma and it is the first time you use Prisma, it is a good idea to start filling out the on-line application early, as it takes time. Make sure the CVs of all named participating researchers are avalible (and up-to-date) in Prisma. 

    You are warmly welcome to contact the CEC research coordinator for support during the writing of your application.

    More information on the support to research applications page.
    Link to support-page on


    Research coordinator
    Marianne Hall
    marianne [dot] hall [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
    +46 73 046 16 73

    Finance officer
    Caroline Unmack
    caroline [dot] unmack [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
    +46 46 222 90 76