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Mentoring Programme

The ClimBEco mentoring programme is optional for current PhD students in the ClimBEco research school. As part of the mentoring programme, mentees take part in training modules led by a licensed psychologist designed to promote personal and career development and to strengthen the PhD students' relational and communication skills.

Thank you to all who applied for this years' programme! We are currently matching mentees with mentors.

Loggotype of Indea AB
ClimBEco is pleased to again work with Indea for the 2022-23 mentoring programme. Image. Logotype Indea AB

2022-2023 programme dates


Module 1: Personal development
28-29 April - Two days in-person Höllviken (d1 start 10:00, d2 end 16:00)

Module 2: Communication and career planning
8 June - One day online

Module 3: Trust and networking
8 September - One day online (morning session open to all ClimBEco PhD students)

Module 4: Assertiveness and difficult conversations
11 November - One day in-person in Gothenburg (10:00-16:30)


Module 5: Master suppression techniques, gender and diversity
12-13 January - Two days in-person in Lund (morning session open to all ClimBEco PhD students)

Module 6: End of programme
3 March - A half day online


Infographic of mentoring programme schedule during 2022-2023
Infographic of the Mentoring programme schedule for 2022-2023.

Frequently asked questions

The mentoring programme shall:

  1. support PhD students in their personal and career development, through focus on building relationships and trust, networking, and coaching and mentoring on learning goals and 360 degree feedback.
  2. strengthen the PhD students' relational and communication skills, through focus on dialogues for change, difficult conversations and handling master suppression techniques via assertive and confirming mindset and techniques.

The mentoring programme, and in particular the training modules, is an arena where mentees are asked to share with and learn from each other on personal matters and in confidence. Having a limited and consistent group of people supports maintaining this trust-filled environment.

Mentors are individuals that have earned a PhD degree and are working either within or outside of the university. Mentors get a preparatory seminar from INDEA to learn more about the mentor role in order to be able to take it on properly. On the application page you may request a mentor with certain characteristics (such as working inside or outside of academia). There should be no dependencies between the mentee and/or supervisor and the assigned mentor. ClimBEco is responsible for matching mentors and mentees.

Previous programmes had more impact goals and was longer in time and number of modules. The current programme has modules that begin with an open seminar for all ClimBEco PhD students and continue with more depth only with mentor programme participants. Some reflection and personal development tasks now occur between modules rather than during modules. The current programme also has modules that are digital only.

Profile picture Katarina Billing

Katarina Billing, Certified Psychologist and Coach. Katarina has many years of experience in running development programmes in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences at Lund University, as well as SLU and Chalmers and in private enterprises such as E.ON, Gambro/Baxter, Danske Bank, and more.

She has more than twenty years of experience as programme director, facilitator and trainer with companies such as the City of Gothenburg, the City of Malmö, Region Skåne, If Insurance, IKEA, KPMG, Tetra Pak, Volvo AB and Volvo Cars. For 10 yrs she lead the MiL Programme for Experienced Managers, a 24 day long programme.

Katarina is author of the book Step towards trust on how leaders can create trust and maintain it long term. She is co-author of the book Earning While Learning in Global Leadership

About the mentoring programme

The 2022, newly designed mentoring programme is carried out over a period of 10 months, between late April 2022 and early March 2023. During this time, participating mentees will meet for six training modules. Parallel to the training modules, mentees are individually paired up with a mentor with whom they meet regularly over the duration of the programme. Two of the modules will be open in-part to all current ClimBEco PhD students. Three of the modules will be held online and three will be held in-person, meeting restrictions pending.

The design of the programme is based on experience- and action-based pedagogy with mini-lectures and exercises related to the participants’ reality.

Upon completion of the 2022-2023 mentoring programme mentees receive a diploma and are recommended to receive 2 higher education credits for their active participation. The programme language is English.

The programme is open to all currently enrolled ClimBEco PhD students, with a maximum of 16 participants. Participation in all six training modules is mandatory, so ensure you can attend all of the set dates before applying. ClimBEco covers travel and room and board costs for participating mentees.

Welcome to direct any questions to the ClimBEco coordinator, cheryl [dot] sjostrom [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Cheryl Sjöström.)