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Soil security and economics

Mark Brady Soil security provides a framework for appreciating the importance of soils for planetary health and in turn human wellbeing.

Environmental change in the Arctic

Abisko Scientific Research Station The region is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth and its polar bears and melting glaciers have become key symbols of climate change. But the Arctic, it seems, is not as well researched as we think it is.

Standardized greenhouse gas measurement helps to predict and mitigate climate change

measuring equipment The Integrated Carbon Observation System, ICOS, announces that Norunda and additional 14 greenhouse gas measurement stations have been certified for standardized data production. ICOS data helps to reveal the carbon emissions and sinks on a European level, essential for predicting climate change and mitigating its consequences.

CEC strengthens the organization with new research funding

pollinating insects The Center for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, received positive responses on research applications from both the European Research Council and Formas, why the organization can continue to develop and recruit both researchers and administrative staff during 2019.

Climate science and climate politics

Jasmine Livingston It is important to make science relevant for policy makers, CECs Jasmine Livingston argues in her recent thesis.

Lina Herbertsson in the final of Researchers Grand Prix

Lina Herbertsson Today Lina Herbertsson from the CEC will take part in the final of Researchers Grand Prix, where researchers from Swedish universities challenge each other making the best oral presentation of their research.

Research review on sexual harassment in academia

back The Swedish Research Council has commissioned a research review on sexual harassment in academia.

Lund University invests in graduate research school about Agenda 2030

New research school on Agenda 2030 Lund University invests SEK 64 millions in a graduate research school focusing on societal challenges and Agenda 2030. The graduate research school, which will fully expanded include around 20 PhD students, is the first of its kind in Sweden. Sustainability Forum and Centre for Environmental and Climate Research have received the mission to administer the graduate research school.

Organic farming methods favors pollinators

bumblebee Pollinating insects are endangered globally, with a particularly steep decline over the last 40 years. An extensive 3-year study from the CEC has found that organic farming methods can contribute to halting the pollinator decline. This beneficial effect is due to both the absence of insecticides and a higher provision of flower resources.

Eye-opening discussions for PhD-students

ClimBEco summer meeting ClimBEco is a two-year graduate research school that promotes young scientists to engage in interdisciplinary research on climate, earth system and society in a changing world. The annual summer meeting was held August 29-30 in Höllviken, with the theme ‘Land use and ecosystem-based climate adaptation’.

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