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Film from workshop about ecosystem services in agricultural production

flowers The workshop was organized by the CEC and the strategic research area BECC, November 21-22 2017.

To plow a lot, a little or not at all

plöjning Reduced tillage before sowing benefits symbiotic fungi, this is shown in Sofia Hydbom's dissertation Tillage practices and their impact on soil organic carbon and the microbial community.

Rich pollination improves strawberry harvesting

Well-pollinated strawberries grow faster and weigh more than less pollinated strawberries. Pollination is more important for strawberry growth than previously thought. A rich pollination gives better strawberry harvesting with strawberries that grow faster and weigh more. This is shown in a recently published study from the Center for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC.

Aerosol particles impact on the climate

Aircraft and clouds Emilie Öström has written a thesis that increases our knowledge of how airborne particles, so-called aerosols, affect the climate.

Climate change - the state of knowledge, politics and innovations as a solution

solar cells In conjunction with the IPCC authors' meeting in Malmö in October Sustainability Forum and Climate-KIC, both operating from the CEC, are co-organizers of three arrangements concerning climate change, climate policy and innovation as a solution.

Cultivating oilseed rape can affect later flowering plants

oilseed rape photo Pixabay Increasing cultivation of oilseed rape may have consequences for pollinators and wild plant pollination. A recently published study from CEC suggests that oilseed rape can affect later flowering plants.

Ullrika Sahlin awarded project money at Climate-KIC Ideation Day

Ullrika Sahlin Ullrika Sahlin, risk specialist at CEC, was awarded 15 000 Euros for her project "gaming for better decisions under uncertanty"at the Climate-KIC Ideation Day II this Tuesday. Ullrikas project aims at developing a fun and educational game for decision makers where they can develop skills in making decisions on climate related issues with consideration of risk and uncertainty.

Playgrounds in Lomma are leaking microplastics

Microplaster It has previously been unsure whether microplastics from playgrounds are spread to fresh water and aquatic environments. Detailed studies of schoolyards in the city of Lomma now clearly show that microplastics ends up in nearby Höje river. Rubber based surfaces with purpuse to protect our children also threatens wildlife, both at sea and on land.

Six open research positions at CEC

Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, the Ecology Building During summer the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC) are announcing 6 new research positions within the Strategic Research Area Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in a Changing Climate (BECC).

Ullrika Sahlin new Reader in Environmental Science

Ullrika Sahlin Photo: Kennet Ruona Ullrika Sahlin has been appointed Reader in Environmental Science at the Faculty of Science. Her research focus on the management of uncertainty in risk analysis and evidence based decision making.

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