An employment as a doctoral student usually lasts four years, but we make the employment decision one year at a time. After four years, we can extend employment for, among other things, parental leave and institutional service.

Save your documentation

Documentation covering at least 5 working days is required for an extension of your appointment to be granted. Documentation for extension of the doctoral scholarship is to be submitted to the Human Resources Administrator after each semester, or at least once a year on a special form or in any other clear and attested form.

Download documentation form (DOCX, 83 kB)

It is the doctoral student's own responsibility to keep records of time spent on student union activities, work placement assignments, teaching and similar. The Human Resources Administrator keeps track of your time spent on caring for a sick child, illness and parental leave.

For teaching, you must report which courses you have taught, how many hours and during which semesters. You must submit documentation to the Human Resources Administrator as evidence of student union activities (minutes or documents) and work placement activities in order to be granted an extension on these grounds.

Reasons for extension

  • Teaching
  • Elected positions within union organisations and student organisations and work placement responsibilities
  • Illness
  • Parental leave
  • Childcare, temporary parental allowance.

Please contact the Human Resources Administrator if you have any questions.

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Human Resources Administrator
Irene Bergstrand
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