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HEU proposals - General information

Here you find information on CECs internal process for HEU proposals.

General information

If you are planning to place an EU-project at CEC, this must be approved by the CEC Director beforehand. Approval is obtained by contacting the CEC Research coordinator who will ensure that all documentation needed is in order before the material is presented to the director. Please contact the CEC Research coordinator straight away when you start planning a proposal or get invited to an existing consortium. At least 3 months before the deadline is advisable, especially if you are the consortium coordinator. See further instructions on how to proceed below. 

The preparation includes preparing a HEU Checklist which can be found on CEC Staff pages:

HEU proposals - Checklists -

You will also need a CEC full cost calculation spread sheet which is available from CEC Staff pages:

Full cost application -

And a HEU full cost calculation that you obtain from LU Research Services, se information below under Support available from LU Research Services.

There is substantial co-funding to account for in HEU project budgets, since they normally are large but only allow for 25 % OH costs. CEC may thus not be able to support all HEU funding proposals. To be eligible for co-funding:

  • the proposed research must be within the scope of CECs research topics.
  • if you are PI for an ULUND partner (who is not consortium coordinator) you must already be employed at CEC. If you are not on faculty funding, you must be able to show secured funding for 100 % of your own salary for the duration of the EU project (including salary costs applied for within the proposal).
  • if you are consortium coordinator on external funding you will have to fulfill the above criteria plus show that you have secured funding for 6 months after the end of the project to cover time needed for reporting
  • if you are consortium coordinator, you must include at least 50 % of a full time position for administrative project management in the budget at CEC, and secure the additional funding for consortium coordination available from LU Research Services of up to 200 kSEK per year.

Please NOTE that fulfilled eligibility criteria does not automatically mean that CEC can support your application. Support depends on available resources for CEC to cover the OH co-funding requirements. CEC strives for a fair distribution of co-funding between academic personnel. 

Always contact LU Research Services as early as possible for support and advice. They provide full cost calculation templates and have funding for proposal writing and consortium coordination, se below under Support available from LU Research Services.

Lund University internal rules for participation in Horizon Europe (HEU) are available from the LU staff pages:

Internal support for EU applications -

Support during the application phase is available from several different actors:

Support from Research Services (Forskningsservice) is given at all stages of the application. Always contact Research Services when you start considering an application within HEU.

If you are coordinating a collaborative project, you will become eligible for internal funding. Grants are paid out in two forms, planning grants and coordination grants. Find more information in the links below (subject to changes).

Support when writing research applications can be obtained via CEC research initiation. This includes:

  • In-kind-support regarding stakeholder contacts and management, communication plans, etc.
  • Financial support of up to SEK 20.000 for running costs, SEK 10.000 for consultants, 1 monthly salary for someone writing or coordinating the applications. NOTE however, that CEC will not top up support given by LU Research Services. Support from CEC is only given for costs not already covered.

Further information will be found on the CEC webpage under "Support to research applications".

Support to research applications


  • Presently, BECC has no explicit mechanisms for support to coordination or participation in HEU applications.
  • For long-term research development, BECC Action Groups is the preferred instrument.
  • If support for travel costs to project meetings is not already covered by institutions, BECC may develop a mechanism for support, if needed.
  • Support regarding stakeholder contacts and management is coordinated by Research Coordinator Juliana Dänhardt.
  • BECC can also provide support for arranging mentorship.

  • Support is presently provided in collaboration with CEC, BECC and LU Land
  • For long-term research development, MERGE Short projects is the preferred instrument.
  • If support for travel costs to project meetings is not already covered by institutions, MERGE may develop a mechanism for support, if needed.

  • LU Land continues to work with HEU applications by reviewing and identifying relevant calls and, based on this, will initiate/inspire/encourage suitable applications.
  • Support regarding stakeholder contacts and management is coordinated by Research Coordinator Juliana Dänhardt.

LU Sustainability Forum 

  • Supports initiation of larger, cross-faculty applications
  • Find networks, stakeholders and researchers from all faculties
  • Find calls and links to ongoing initiatives
  • Gives an SFO-SDG workshop series with 3 themes: policy, writing applications (impact), and future oriented methodologies

LU Sustainability Forum website -

Climate-KIC / Innovation support

  • Find networks around innovation issues
  • Discuss innovation aspects with Olof Blomqvist and Lina Röjnert

Climate-KIC website -

LU Innovation

LU Innovation can provide advice on impact parts in the application and on questions regarding intellectual property rights. See further on the LU Innovation web page.

LU Innovation website -

Research funders

Research funders such as Vinnova and Formas sometimes have calls for planning grants. Open calls will be posted in the news section.

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  • LU Research Services mailing lists - Keep up to date on the latest news regarding the HEU clusters relevant for LU, sign up for your preferred news e-mail.
    Cluster news mailing lists -


CEC Research coordinator
Marianne Hall
marianne [dot] hall [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (marianne[dot]hall[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 73 046 16 73

Additional contacts

Research Coordinator
Josefin Madjidian
Josefin [dot] madjidian [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Josefin[dot]madjidian[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)

Research Coordinator
Lina Nikoleris
Lina [dot] Nikoleris [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Lina[dot]Nikoleris[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)

LU Land
Research Coordinator
Juliana Dänhardt 
Juliana [dot] danhardt [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Juliana[dot]danhardt[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)