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About ClimBEco

ClimBEco stands for Climate, Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a changing world. It is a two-year graduate research school that promotes interdisciplinary research by supporting PhD students in networking and learning across different fields of study.

Is ClimBEco something for me?

The graduate research school is open to currently enrolled PhD students. Please see the Application page to check whether or not you are eligible to apply.

Application page

Our vision

Our vision is that in ClimBEco, PhD students researching biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate will find added value by engaging with new perspectives from natural science, social science, applied science and economics. Our vision is also to improve graduate students' awareness of and capacity to integrate the range of disciplinary knowledge needed to drive sustainable development at multiple scales in society, within the fields of environment and climate.

Our mission

ClimBEco's mission is to offer a structured platform for PhD students to interact around issues related to biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate, in a supportive network of peers and mentors. Activities within ClimBEco should improve the general knowledge of PhD students and give their research a more robust interdisciplinary and societal context. Additionally, activities should promote improved communication skills, personal- and career development and the ability to collaborate beyond their disciplinary specialty in academia.

Strategy and operations

To solve today’s major challenges to sustainable development – particularly those of climate change and biodiversity loss – decisions in society must be supported by knowledge from many different scientific disciplines, which is communicated in a clear and succinct way. In this regard, ClimBEco’s strategy is to facilitate activities that strengthen the PhD students’ skills in identifying, understanding and integrating links between their research and other scientific disciplines.

When you join the ClimBEco graduate research school, you will enter an inspiring research environment where you can:

  • Meet and network with other PhD students and senior scientists
  • Choose from a variety of cutting-edge PhD courses, free of charge
  • Get introduced to interdisciplinary research in the context of climate & climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Have the possibility to attend a mentoring programme focusing on personal and career development and on strengthening relational and communication skills

Who supports ClimBEco?

ClimBEco is funded by the Faculty of Science at Lund University and the two Strategic Research Areas (SRAs) Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate (BECC) and ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system (MERGE). SRAs are initiatives of the Swedish government to foster world-leading research in Sweden in certain selected areas. Lund University supports the visions and scopes of BECC and MERGE.


ClimBEco has a steering committee, chaired by the coordinator, consisting of PhD student representatives, a deputy coordinator, an assistant coordinator and members nominated by BECC, MERGE or the study directors at affiliated departments of the Faculty of Science at Lund University. The steering committee decides on the ClimBEco research school’s scientific strategy, budget and monitoring of operations, guided by the plan of operations and a yearly plan of activities.

The research school is hosted by the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) at Lund University.

BECC's website
MERGE's website
Faculty of Science's website

Logotypes of Lund University Faculty of Science and the strategic research areas BECC and MERGE.