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Nature-based future solutions

Nature-based future solutions are one of the five profile areas at Lund University. Researchers within this profile area focus on ecosystem-based approaches to address biodiversity loss and climate change, and how these interconnected crises can be linked to sustainable societal development.

Loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis are closely interconnected. For example, a warmer climate affects humans, wildlife, and entire ecosystems, while reduced biodiversity exacerbates the effects of climate change. Innovative research aims to mitigate the damaging effects of these intertwined crises.

Researchers at Lund University are investigating the complex relationships between declining biodiversity and climate change. They also study how these crises impact society, human health, and well-being.

The knowledge gained is used to develop nature-based solutions that harness nature's ability to address challenges through ecosystem services. Properly designed, these solutions can promote biodiversity, mitigate climate change, and contribute to human well-being.

Nature-based future solutions - Lund University

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Contacts and more information is available at the profile area's website.

Nature-based future solutions - Lund University

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