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Christmas greetings from the Director

There is no lack of depressing news in the sustainability area. While it is easy to focus on these news, there are also other news giving hope. Since the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developments and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, there has been a significant change in how nations, authorities and business engage in sustainable development. This has not the least affected our university, research funders and prospective students, such that the grand challenge to identify and implement research-based solutions to real-word sustainability problems is increasingly appreciated. Thus, to be relevant in this changing world, we need to strengthen the sustainability dimension in our research, eduction and dialoge.

According to our vision CEC should contribute to sustainable development by being an innovative and vibrant forum of interdisciplinary research, education and interaction between research and society. The past year has provided proof of concept that we are on our way to live up to our vision. Researchers at CEC has attracted prestigious grants in the sustainability area, allowing us to expand our role as coordinator of cross-disciplinary environmental and climate research. We are providing important infrastructure through ICOS – now certified for standardized data production. Our close interaction with stakeholders results in synthesis work informing decisions of importance for sustainability. By being the host of the new research school on Agenda 2030, we will complement existing research schools at CEC to provide an even richer environment. Our alumni conference demonstrated how vast number of students participating in our basic educations now are making an impact in society. And much more.

Naturally this development results in some growing pains, including issues with space and work overload. We are doing all we can to overcome these issues, but in the meantime I hope for understanding that the maintenance of a healthy work environment may necessitate some short-term prioritizations. However, I am confident that our strong development will make CEC an even more interesting and rewarding work environment over the coming years.

During the next year or two, we look forward to an organizational oversight by the faculty and coming evaluations of our research and educations. We do this with great confidence, that the high quality input by all our employees and collaborators have resulted in an academic environment worth to further develop to strengthen the science-policy-society interfaces for sustainable development.

However, it is also important to recharge the batteries. I therefore wish you all a pleasant and refreshing Christmas!

Yours, Henrik


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