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HEU News and funding

Here you find News related to Horizon Europe; Updates and information on open calls with emphasis on cluster 5 & 6, ERC and MSCA, meetings and seminars, available planning grants, etc


2024-02-06 Common mistakes to avoid when applying for Horizon Europe funding
The European Research Executive Agency has published a helpful, pedagogical guide to avoiding some of the most common mistakes seen in Horizon Europe applications
Link to



2024-02-06 Short update on Work Programme 2025:

The Commission is currently preparing Draft Orientations ahead of developing the actual Work Programme for 2025. We currently hope to start seeing drafts of the new Work Programme in May. The drafts will be sent out by Research Services (sign up to their mailinglists, avalible at the bottom of the page in the link below), and updates on the drafts will also be posted here on this web page.
Link to HEU Proposals General information on


2023-11-30 Draft missions

Draft workprogramme for Missions are available, contact Marianne Hall for a copy.The Missions are as follows. Please note that there are also Joint Call between the different missions in a separate section further down in the document. Please note that this is a draft that will be subject to change.

  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Cancer
  • Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030
  • 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030
  • A Soil Deal for Europe (suggested)






NAT100NS provides support, matchmaking etc to facilitate the deployment of the EU Soil Mission (Living Labs and Lighthouses etc), and has a Newsletter with events etc. Read more and sign up: Link to

Find your way in Horizon Europe

A digital information series about Horizon Europe (HEU). You will be guided through the programme, and given practical information and advice on how to navigate, write a great application, prepare a project plan and budget, etc. 

  • 26 Feb: I have found a HEU call, how do I write a great application?
  • 8 April: How do I prepare a great project plan, work packages and budget?

Full programme and registration -



Become an evaluator of EU research projects

Read more and sign up here! Link to


Funding and tender opportunities - open calls

  • HuMUS ((Healthy Municipal Soil) HE project. A pilot call is open, deadline is on 29 February 2024. Open to public authorities in collaboration with farmers, SMEs, consumer associations, NGOs, soil experts and many other beneficiaries. The target of this call is to identify and support 20 Pilot Projects. These projects is expected to provide substantial evidence that participatory governance methods and tools can promote, procure, and stimulate an increased and more diffused awareness of existing soil health issues and threats at local and regional levels and more effective approaches to their resolution. Here below you could find all the information:
  • Follow this link for OPEN CALLs for Funding and tender opportunities related to Cluster 5 & 6 at
  • Follow this link for OPEN CALLs for Funding and tender opportunities related to Mission Soil health and food at

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Upcoming ERC calls

Upcoming ERC deadlines, Link to

  • Advanced grant Aug 29, 2024
  • Proof of Concept (ERC-2023-POC) Mar 14, 2024, Sept 17, 2024

Consolidator grant support via Research Services:

Note that there are significant changes to the application template and the evaluation criteria for this year’s call, so participation is recommended even for those researchers who have previously applied for an ERC grant.


Upcoming MSCA calls (doctoral programs and postdoc training)

Link to MSCA homepage on

MSCA Work program 2023-24 is online, first calls to open in May.
Link to (PDF)

Next cofund call to open Oct 10, 2023 with tentative deadline Feb 08, 2024
Link to

More information on MSCA COFUND on the EU Commission website

Overview of what is coming:

Dedicated webpages:

Special section Cluster 6 - Upcoming calls for 2023-24

Overview of deadlines:

Deadlines: One stage calls: 28/3-23 and 22/2-24

    Two stage calls: First stage: 22/2-24 second Stage: 17/9-24

    Heading 1 – Understanding and addressing the main drivers of biodiversity loss
    Heading 2 – Biodiversity protection and restoration                      
    Heading 3 – Mainstreaming biodiversity in society and the economy                   
    Heading 4 – Biodiversity friendly practices in agriculture, forestry and aquaculture                      
    Heading 5 – Biodiversity and health                       
    Heading 6 – Interconnection of biodiversity research and policies    

Deadlines: One stage calls: 12/4-23 and 22/2-24;
    Two stage calls: First stage: 22/2-24 second Stage: 17/9-24

    Heading 1 – Enabling sustainable farming systems
    Heading 2 – Enabling sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
    Heading 3 – Transforming food systems for health, sustainability and inclusion
    Heading 4 – Targeted international cooperation

Deadlines: One stage calls: 28/3-23 and 22/2-24;
    Two stage calls: First stage: 28/3-23 Second stage: 26/9-23; First stage: 22/2-24 Second stage: 17/9-24

    Heading 1 – Enabling a circular economy transition
    Heading 2 – Innovating for sustainable bio-based systems, biotechnology and the bioeconomy
    Heading 3 – Innovating for blue bioeconomy and biotechnology value chains

  Deadlines: One stage calls: 28/3-23 and 22/2-24
    Two stage calls: First stage: 28/3-23 Second stage: 26/9-23; First stage: 21/2-24 second Stage: 17/9-24

    Heading 1 – Halting pollution of air, soil and water
    Heading 2 – Protecting drinking water and managing urban water pollution
    Heading 3 – Addressing pollution in seas and ocean
    Heading 4 – Increasing environmental performances and sustainability of bio-based processes and products
    Heading 5 – Reducing the environmental impact and pollution in food systems

    Deadlines: One stage calls: 12/4-23 and 22/2-24

    Deadlines: One stage calls: 12/4-23; 22/2-24
    Two stage calls: First stage: 22/2-24 second Stage: 17/9-24

    Deadlines: One stage calls: 23/3-23; 28/2-24

    Heading 1 – Innovating with governance models and supporting policies            
    Heading 2 – Deploying and adding value to Environmental Observations            
    Heading 3 – Digital and data technologies as key enablers          
    Heading 4 – Strengthening agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS)


CEC Research coordinator
Marianne Hall
Marianne [dot] hall [at] cecl [dot] u [dot] se (Marianne[dot]hall[at]cecl[dot]u[dot]se)