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Joint PhD seminars on environmental challenges

Research about where nature and society meet, and where environmental crises appear, is being carried out by PhD candidates across Lund University. Although they use different methods and ask different questions, their topics intersect in ways whereby meeting each other can lead to improved understandings, new collaborations, and an enriched research experience.

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The format: Each seminar consists of a panel of three current PhD candidates. Presenters speak briefly on an aspect of their research that relates to the seminar topic. This is followed by a panel discussion between the three presenters, supported by a moderator and inviting dialogue with the audience.

Seminars autumn 2021:

Tuesday September 14th, 13:15

Can we manage nature with nature? Ecosystem management using nature-based solutions

Ecosystems around the world are being managed to meet global sustainability targets, in the best case using locally designed solutions. In what ways can 'the local' (ecosystem, norms, economies, governing bodies, etc) interpret and apply goals from another scale (national, regional, global)? Are there limits to what can be manged and compensated for? Should all stakeholders be included in decision-making, or is a top-down approach leading to better results for sustaining ecosystem functioning as a whole?

Our three presenters are all current PhD students with research topics that intersect on the subject of ecosystem management through nature-based solutions. At this seminar we will hear from each of them about how they think about these questions and more, drawing lessons from theory and practice.

Profile picture Zaidy Afrin

Zaidy Afrin from the Land-to-Ocean Leadership Programme of the World Maritime University, Malmö is both a UN Nippon Fellow and a dive instructor. Her research on ocean sustainability looks at the role of integrating perspectives of local stakeholders in island ecosystem management, explicitly including the roles and rights of different sectors and industries.

Zaidy's research profile at (new window)

Profile picture Theodor Kindeberg

Theodor Kindeberg from ClimBEco and Biodiversity and Conservation Science, Lund University combines ecology and biogeochemistry in his research on marine vegetated habitats. Looking at restoration projects along the coast of Southern Sweden, Theo considers effects of seagrass management on the ecosystem functioning as a whole.

Theodor's research profile at

Profile picture Linda Lundmark

Linda Lundmark from ClimBEco and the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC), Lund University, while focusing more on terrestrial environments, also looks closely at the role of ecosystem management under the auspices of implementing global goals locally. With her conceptual lens on the process of policy implementation at local scales, Linda considers the role of norms in the complexity of ecosystem mangement practices when moving from global to local.

Linda's research profile at


Please register your attendance at the webform link below. Whether the seminar is campus-based in Lund or online depends on the state of covid-19 regulations at the time, to be determined and communicated to those who register.

Register for the September 14 seminar at this webform -


About the joint PhD seminar series

The seminar series is conducted by and for PhD students. It is a joint initiative by ClimBEco, CEC, LUCSUS, IIIEE and the Agenda 2030 graduate school.

PhD candidates from other institutions, faculties and departments, as well as advanced master-level student, are welcome to attend as space allows.

Registration is required. Use this webform for registration -

Links to organizing partners' websites:  

Contact person:
Cheryl Sjöström, ClimBEco coordinator
cheryl [dot] sjostrom [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se

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