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Joint PhD seminars on environmental challenges

Research about where nature and society meet, and where environmental crises appear, is being carried out by PhD candidates across Lund University. Although using different methods and asking different questions, their topics intersect in ways whereby engaging in discussions can lead to improved understandings, new collaborations, and an enriched research experience.

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The format: Each seminar consists of a panel of three current PhD candidates. Presenters speak briefly on their research in relation to the seminar topic. This is followed by a panel discussion between the three presenters, supported by a moderator and inviting dialogue with the audience.

Upcoming seminars 2023

Wednesday 7 June, hybrid, 14:30-15:30

"From niche to norm – enablers and barriers to circularity in the building and construction sector"

The global building and construction sector is currently responsible for nearly 40% of energy-related emissions. In a world that is becoming increasingly urbanized, it is essential that this sector develops in line with the Paris Agreement. Circularity is a mindset and practice that challenges lineary processes to reduce the impact of construction on the environment, now and in the future.

Registration deadline:
on-site 2 June at 12:00
online 7 June at 12:00

Link to registration form

At this seminar we will discuss some enablers and barriers for circular models when applied to the businesses and the materials needed to move societies towards a more circular built environment, from three different disciplinary perspectives.

Please meet our presenters: Emma Johnson works with construction equipment companies and looks at challenges for their machinery and business circularity. Pei-Yu Wu and Jessica Jennerheim each explore means to identify hazardous material in order to safely and effectively reuse materials so as to reduce harm on the environment and people. They do this through the use of AI technology and through the development of end-of-waste criteria, respectively.

profile picture of Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson is a PhD student at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University. See Emma's research profile at





Profile picture of Pei-Yu Wu

Pei-Yu Wu is an industrial PhD student working jointly with the Division of Building Physics at Lund University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. See Pei-Yu's research profile at





Profile picture of Jessica Jennerheim

Jessica Jennerheim is a PhD student at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) at Lund University. See Jessica's research profile at 





Portrait Martherita Lisco

Moderator for the seminar is Margherita Lisco, Lecturer and PhD student at the Division of Construction Management, LTH. See Margherita's research profile at



This will be a hybrid seminar held via Zoom and at the Pufendorf institute in Lund. Registration is required.

Link to the registration form

About the joint PhD seminar series

The seminar series is conducted by and for PhD students. It is a joint initiative by ClimBEco, CEC, LUCSUS, IIIEE and the Agenda 2030 Graduate School.

PhD candidates from other institutions and universities, as well as advanced master-level student, are welcome to attend.

Links to organizing partners' websites:  

Contact person:
Cheryl Sjöström, ClimBEco coordinator
cheryl [dot] sjostrom [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se