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Land surface - Atmosphere Interactions

Exchange processes between the terrestrial biosphere and the lower part of the atmosphere are at the core of the global carbon cycle and play a critical role in achieving climate targets.

We combine expertise in measuring techniques with advanced modelling of the atmospheric boundary-layer and climate to improve our understanding of greenhouse gas exchanges between the biosphere and the atmosphere, their key drivers and how these respond to disturbances and climate change.

In our research group, we combine approaches from atmospheric turbulence and climate modelling, micrometeorology, biogeochemistry, and soil microbial ecology. We operate three research stations in Sweden’s forests where we apply our multidisciplinary approaches to investigate the impacts of forest management and natural disturbances such as wildfires. Two stations are labelled ICOS stations and part of a pan-European network that monitors carbon and energy exchange processes with micrometeorological measurement techniques.

Upscale to a regional scale

Our models allow us to upscale the measured local greenhouse gas fluxes (carbon dioxide, water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide) to a regional scale, taking into account changes in surface composition at a range of spatial and temporal scales. Our research falls within both strategic research areas MERGE (ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system) and BECC (Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate).

With our measurements and models, we aim to provide scientists, land owners, and policy makers with a scientific basis for understanding the impacts of global change on the terrestrial carbon sink.

Principal investigator

Natascha Kljun

Involved researchers and research engineers

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Former group members

  • Jordan Mertes
  • Per Bengtson
  • Muhammad Shahbaz