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Together towards multifunctional forests in southern Sweden

ForestPath is a four year interdisciplinary project funded by FORMAS. The goal is to, in collaboration with forest owners and other stakeholders, find solutions to better achieve the various goals in the forest.

The forest issue is high on the political agenda in Sweden, and the debate is heated. This is due to the importance of the forest for Sweden's economy as well as for biodiversity, the climate and human well-being. Southern Sweden is characterized by high production, high biodiversity values, a large population, and a high proportion of private forest owners.

Our goal in ForestPath is to develop forestry strategies that take all these interests into account in a balanced way, with a focus on southern Sweden. For this, we have gathered a team that represents four disciplines: ecology, forestry, law and environmental psychology.

We will develop biodiversity models, investigate how different forestry strategies affect perceived values ​​in the forest and analyze trade-offs between different values. In order for the proposed strategies to be accepted by forest owners and other stakeholders, we will also evaluate various policy instruments. The strategies we propose will be evaluated among different interest groups.

With ForestPath, we want to find the path towards multifunctional forests in southern Sweden.

Natural forest with creek. Photo.
Drone image of mixed forest. Photo.
Pulpwood stack. Photo.

Programme management

Cecilia Akselsson -
Lund University, manages programme and WP1

Henrik Smith -
Lund University, manages WP2

Renats Trubins -
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), manages WP3

Marie Appelstrand -
Lund University, manages WP4

Maria Johansson -
Lund University, manages WP5

Project administration

Pernilla Borgström


Anna Maria Erling