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CEC Fellows

The Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, CEC, invites scientists working at Lund university and active in the center’s fields of research to be part of the CEC Fellows. We are a meeting place for collective expertise and a forum for exchange of ideas, with the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership.

The Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) welcomes PhD-holding junior and senior scientists from all faculties to join the society of CEC Fellows.

About CEC Fellows

The vision of CEC Fellows is to act as a hotbed for the integration of environmental and climate research, promoting, building on and adding to the high-quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary research that is performed throughout Lund University.

Scientists affiliated with the CEC, or involved in related activities, constitute a major body of expertise not only on an individual basis but also collectively. The purpose of CEC Fellows is to create a long-term arena for interaction among the participating scientists and for development of new research ideas and configurations. Participating in CEC Fellows allows you to meet new people, to help you strengthen the interdisciplinary value of your own line of research.

As a member of CEC Fellows, you will receive the CEC Fellow Newsletter and be invited to meetings, seminars and events organized by and for the network. Further, the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science provides assistance to researchers associated to CEC Fellows when writing research applications to external funders. There are no formal obligations for a CEC Fellow, any tasks or commitments are undertaken on a voluntary basis.

More information on support to research applications, and other research funding news and resources are posted on the CEC staff webpage:

For an overview of past events and happenings, please visit CEC Fellows page on LU Research Portal:

How do I join the CEC Fellows?

The CEC Fellows is open to anyone that holds a Doctoral degree, is involved in CEC activities or actively conduct research or other activities that are relevant to CEC, and who is currently employed at, on temporary leave from, or retired from Lund University. CEC Guest Researchers are also invited as CEC Fellows.

If you would like to join the CEC Fellows, please contact the CEC Research Coordinator Marianne Hall.

marianne [dot] hall [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (marianne[dot]hall[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)


CEC Research coordinator
Marianne Hall
marianne [dot] hall [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (marianne[dot]hall[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 73 046 16 73

Manager of research development
Yann Clough
yann [dot] clough [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (yann[dot]clough[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 46 222 68 31 

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