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Collaboration is an important mainstay permeating all parts of CEC’s activities. It takes place both within academia and with external partners.

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Both research and education conducted at CEC build on regular contacts and collaboration within academia, with our alumni and with external partners. Collaboration is initiated both by individual researchers and students and by larger research or collaboration platforms coordinated by CEC. 

Research collaboration

Research collaboration builds upon trans-disciplinary collaborations with various faculties and institutions at Lund University as well as at other universities. By arranging activities and offering meeting places and opportunities for exchange, CEC aims to further stimulate interaction and collaboration between researchers from different disciplines. This is done for example through the CEC Fellows network or our guest researcher program.

CEC Fellows

Collaboration with external partners

Collaboration with and outreach to external partners is conducted systematically at CEC to ensure relevance in research and education, and applicability of research results that can inform decision-making in society at local, regional, national and global levels. Among external partners are representatives from industry, governmental institutions and NGO’s relevant for CEC’s different activities. CEC is also coordinating one of Lund University’s thematic collaboration initiatives, LU Land – Land use for a sustainable future, where external collaboration around sustainable land use is a key. CEC’s researchers are also conducting commissioned work, providing the evidence base for informed decision-making and supporting policy development.

CEC coordinates

CEC plays a key role in several environmental and climate initiatives with strong emphasis on collaboration both within Lund University, with other universities and with external actors. CEC hosts or coordinates:
•    Lund University Sustainablity Forum
•    Climate-KIC 
•    LU Land 
•    BECC
•    MERGE

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