Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a Changing Climate

Girl in rapeseed field. Photo: Johan Persson.

BECC – a strategic research area on biodiversity and ecosystemservices in a changing climate

BECC is a collaboration between Lund University and University of Gothenburg. It is a strategic research area that strives for a better understanding of the impacts of climate change and land use decisions on terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, addressing the consequences of ecosystem changes for human beings and socio-economic systems. 

BECC s purpose is to bring together complementary skills for research in order to predict the direct and indirect effects by climate change on biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services. The research has both natural and social science perspectives and concerns local, regional, national and global scales. The research will increase the scientific knowledge about biodiversity and ecosystem services in a changing climate with the aim to promote sustainable development in the area. An important part of the research is interaction with the majority of the Swedish authorities and organizations (stakeholders) in sectors such as agriculture and forestry.

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