What is a Community of Practices (CoP)?

Communities of Practices (CoP) are transdisciplinary working groups:

  • consisting of individuals from academia and public-private organizations who share a common goal, a set of challenges, or a passion for innovative solutions;
  • that come together to fulfill both individual and group goals, as well as support and amplify education, research and dissemination activities of the BIEOCONOMY-GRS

What is the aim of CoPs within the BIOECONOMY Graduate Research School?

The CoPs serve as expert platforms with the aim to:

  • increase deeper collaboration for advancing capacity building and improving the focus, scale, and impact of BIOECONOMY-GRS’ key thematic areas;
  • advance the use of science in policy- and decision-making across all levels of public-private organisations;
  • identify opportunities where BIOECONOMY-GRS can fill a gap and have measurable impact (e.g., bioeconomy education, science policy communications trainings, policy briefs, etc.).