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Deniz Koca. Photo.

Deniz Koca


Deniz Koca. Photo.


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(2024-2027) Fostering European Cellular Agriculture for Sustainable Transition Solutions (FEASTS). HORIZON Europe funded (7 Million EUR) project (WP Leader). 36 partners from 17 countries.

(2024-2028) Pan-European Food Systems Science Network (FoSSNet). HORIZON Europe funded (6 Million EUR) project (WP co-leader). 15 partners from 12 countries.

(2023-2025) EIT Food - GROW project. (Coordinator) EIT Food funded (1.2 Million EUR) capacity building project. Partners are Lund University, BGI, Food4Sustainability, Queens University Belfast, Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry, Polish Academy of Science, and Maspex.

(2023) EIT Food INSPIRE programme - Digital Technologies in the Food System. Partners are Lund University, Queens University Belfast, BGI and Bavarian State Ministry of Food

(2017-2024) BIOECONOMY - Graduate Research School for Advancing the Transition to Bioeconomy. (Coordinator) An inter/trans-disciplinary graduate research school funded by FORMAS. Partners are from 3 faculties (Natural Science, Engineering and Social Science), 4 centres/institutions (CEC, LUCSUS, CIRCLE and IIIEE), and 5 departments (Biology, Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis, Chemical Engineering/Bioetechnology, Political Science and Sociology) at Lund University.


(2022) ASSIST-Food - Applied Systems Science in Food Systems Transformations. (Coordinator) Region Skåne funded project. 

(2021-2022) EIT Food - Grow Workshops. (Coordinator) EIT Food funded capacity building project. Partners are Lund University, Austrian Institute of Technology, BGI, Food4Sustainability, Vitagora.

(2019-2021) ASSIST - Applied Systems Science In Systems Transformations. (Coordinator) EIT Climate KIC funded Learning Hub project.

(2018-2021) CSA Regional Nordic Hub (RNH): Alternative green and blue plant-based protein production in the Nordic Bioeconomy. (Coordinator) EIT Climate KIC funded regional hub project. Partners are Lund University, Copenhagen University, Helsinki University, RISE, Aarhus University, NTNU and DTU.

(2017-2020) STAR-ProBio - Sustainability Transition Assessment and Research of Bio-based Products. A multi-actor collaborative Research and Innovation Action (RIA) project funded by EU Horizon 2020 programme. 15 partners from 11 European countries. CEC is subcontracted by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

(2019) Ph.D. Catapult summer school: Wood Construction for Climate Change Mitigation and Transiton to Bioeconomy . EIT Climate KIC funded summer school for Ph.D students. Partners are Lund University, Aalto University, Chalmers University and NTNU.

(2018-2019) GoWood - Incentivizing use of wood in construction sector to mitigate climate change and boost bioeconomy. An inter/trans-disciplinary project funded by EIT Climate KIC. Besides Lund University, project partners are Aalto University, NTNU, SITRA and UNFCCC.

(2013-2017) SIMRESS - Models, potential and long-term scenarios for resource efficiency. A transdisciplinary project funded by German Ministry of Environment and The Federal Environment Agency. Project parners are CEC, University of Iceland, Ecologic Institute, GWS and European School of Governance.

(2009-2013) CONVERGE - Rethinking globalisation in the light of Contraction and CONVERGEnce – an interdisciplinary project funded by EC/FP7, which employs a functional systems approach to identify the convergent and divergent processes involved across social, economic and ecological aspects of sustainability. 

(2009-2010) Environmental goals in Swedish mountains: A synthesis of problems associated with the management of limited resources   a project funded by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and in planned partnership with researchers at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University.

(2008-2011) REAL CHANGE an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research program funded by Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS), The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and The Swedish Energy Agency. 

(2008-2011) Designing sustainable health care spaces for the 21st century – a project financed by FORMAS and in collaboration with Chalmers University, Karolinska Institute and Dalarna University.