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Winter meeting 2019

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ClimBEco Winter meeting program (PDF, 477 kB, new window)

26-27 February 2019

Konferenscentrum Wallenberg, Gothenburg, Medicinaregatan 20A, Göteborg

Quality Hotel Panorama, Eklandagatan 51-53, Göteborg

In this meeting, your research projects are in focus, but we will start day 1 by listening to Professor Annica Kronsell who will share thoughts about the analytical distinction between critical and problem-solving research. You will then all give short oral presentations (see separate instructions below) and get direct technical feedback as well as the chance to discuss your research with your peers. For the rest of the meeting, you will take on the problem-solving glasses and explore your research topics from the perspective of the Global Sustainable Development goals. To sum up at the end of day 2, you will then share with the rest of us how you could possibly change your presentation from day 1 if you were to include new insights from the meeting SDG workshops.

If possible: please bring your own laptop to the meeting! You will need it for the workshop in day 2.

Instructions for presentations:

Presentations will take place in blocks of three or four presentations in each, with one common slot for feedback, questions and discussion per block. This means that the audience need to actively take notes during the presentations and save the questions or comments for later.

Presentation format: oral, 2-4 minutes, use ppt slides if you like.

Deadline to send your ppt slides to Anna (anna [dot] ekberg [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se): Monday 25 February

General tips for your presentations:

  • Be specific: Do not use too many general descriptions, but focus on the purpose of your project and what it contributes to.
  • Avoid jargon: The language you use should be easy to understand.
  • Be enthusiastic: Let the audience know that your project is interesting.
  • To finish: End your presentation with an open question that triggers curiosity.





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