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Wilhelm May. Photo.

Wilhelm May


Wilhelm May. Photo.

Projected change - Atmosphere


  • Wilhelm May
  • Anette Ganske
  • Gregor C. Leckebusch
  • Burkhardt Rockel
  • Birger Tinz
  • Uwe Ulbrich


  • Markus Quante
  • Franziskus Colijn

Summary, in English

Several aspects describing the state of the atmosphere in the North Sea region are considered in this chapter. These include large-scale circulation, means and extremes in temperature and precipitation, cyclones and winds, and radiation and clouds. The climate projections reveal several pronounced future changes in the state of the atmosphere in the North Sea region, both in the free atmosphere and near the surface: amplification and an eastward shift in the pattern of NAO variability in autumn and winter; changes in the storm track with increased cyclone density over western Europe in winter and reduced cyclone density on the southern flank in summer; more frequent strong winds from westerly directions and less frequent strong winds from south-easterly directions; marked mean warming of 1.7–3.2 °C for different scenarios, with stronger warming in winter than in summer and a relatively strong warming over southern Norway; more intense extremes in daily maximum temperature and reduced extremes in daily minimum temperature, both in strength and frequency; an increase n mean precipitation during the cold season and a reduction during the warm season; a ronounced increase in the intensity of heavy daily precipitation events, particularly in winter; a considerable increase in the intensity of extreme hourly precipitation in summer; an increase (decrease) in cloud cover in the northern (southern) part of the North Sea region, resulting in a decrease (increase) in net solar radiation at the surface.


  • Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC)
  • MERGE: ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system

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North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment

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Book chapter




  • Climate Research




  • ISBN: 978-3-319-39745-0
  • ISBN: 978-3-319-39743-6