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Farm2Forest publications

Both scientific and popular science publications are listed here

Scientific publications

Posters and talks

  • Fabian Roger, Natalie, Danielsson, Hamid Ghanavi, Jakob Löndahl, Lars Pettersson, Niklas Wahlberg, Georg Andersson, Yann Clough, 2020, Biodiversity is in the air – using air-born eDNA for the biodiversity monitoring of flying insects. Svenska Oikos.

  • Oikos poster by Boke-Olén et al.
    Niklas Boke-Olén, Fabian Roger, Mark Brady, Cecilia Larsson, Georg Andersson, Yann Clough, 2020, The effect of farm type on ecosystem services in Swedish mixed agricultural-forestry regions, Svenska Oikos. 
    Open poster (PDF, 1.75 MB, new tab)
  • Georg Andersson, Niklas Boke-Olén, Fabian Roger, Yann Clough, 2020, Pasture and Clear-cuts have high pollinator biodiversity in forested farming landscapes, Svenska Oikos.
    Same poster as below.

  • SCAPE poster.
    Georg Andersson, Niklas Boke Olén, Fabian Roger, Yann Clough, 2019, Pasture and Clear-cuts have high pollinator biodiversity in forested farming landscapes, Scandinavian Association of Pollination Ecologists.
    Open poster (PDF, 11 MB, new tab)
  • Niklas Boke Olén, Yann Clough, Johan Ekroos, Mark V. Brady, Paul Caplat, Cecilia Akselsson, Fabian Roger, Cecilia Larsson, 2019, Relative importance of farm types for biodiversity, ecosystem services, and landscape openness in Swedish forest-dominated regions, Swedish Oikos meeting 2019, Uppsala.

Popular science publications

Interviews (in Swedish)