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Photo of Patrik Edén

Patrik Edén

Senior lecturer

Photo of Patrik Edén

Hadronization Effects in the Strong Interaction


  • Patrik Edén

Summary, in English

Different hadronization effects in high energy interactions are investigated. The frame-work is the Lund model for the strong interaction.

A model for baryon production in jet fragmentation is presented and extended to baryon remnant fragmentation in deep inelastic scattering and hadron--hadron collisions.

Observables designed to probe hadronization effects on p<sub>t</sub> correlations are shown to be sensitive to model assumptions, provided a strong two-jet cut is imposed on the data sample. A cut on high-p<sub>t</sub> jets also improves the similarity between quark jets in deep inelastic scattering and e<sup>+</sup>e<sup>-</sup> annihilation, and is thus suitable for an investigation of quark fragmentation universality.

The scale dependencies in jets are discussed and emphasis is put on the virtuality dependence rarely considered in theoretical calculations. Jet definitions corresponding to the theoretically considered jets are presented.

The ratio of multiplicities in quark and gluon jets are calculated within the framework of the Colour Dipole cascade. Energy conservation together with preconfinement implies a numerically large NNLO correction, which gives a result in agreement with data.


  • Theoretical Particle Physics - Undergoing reorganization

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Department of Theoretical Physics, Lund University


  • Subatomic Physics


  • statistical physics
  • gravitation
  • relativity
  • Mathematical and general theoretical physics
  • classical mechanics
  • quantum mechanics
  • string fragmentation
  • baryon production
  • jets
  • QCD
  • hadronization
  • thermodynamics
  • Matematisk och allmän teoretisk fysik
  • klassisk mekanik
  • kvantmekanik
  • relativitet
  • statistisk fysik
  • termodynamik
  • High energy interactions
  • cosmic rays
  • Kosmisk strålning
  • högenergi




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  • ISBN: 91-628-3331-6

Defence date

15 January 1999

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Lecture hall A, physics department


  • Valery A. Khoze