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About the BIOECONOMY Graduate Research School

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BIOECONOMY Graduate Reserach School (GRS)  is a transdisciplinary graduate research school at Lund University with an overall aim of developing the competencies necessary for participating PhD students to:

  • adopt systems approach in order to identify and assess the full range of technological, economic, social and ecological challenges and opportunities in transition to a circular bioeconomy;
  • lead the way in innovative inter/trans-disciplinary research and education for a sustainable bioeconomy in the international arena.

Collaborative learning platform at Lund University

BIOECONOMY GRS aims to act as a collaborative learning platform at Lund University allowing researchers and Ph.D. students, across faculties/disciplines and research areas, as well as non-academic stakeholders to meet with each other in order to identify, carry out and communicate innovative, analytically advanced and yet problem-oriented research for a sustainable future circular bioeconomy covering the whole biomass value chain. BIOECONOMY GRS's main focus will be on Sweden, but in Nordic and global contexts.

Partners at Lund University

Due to the inter/trans- disciplinary structure of the BIOECONOMY GRS, scholars from 3 faculties (Natural Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences), 4 centres/institutes (CEC, LUCSUS, CIRCLE and IIIEE), and 5 departments (Biology, Physical Geography and Ecosystem Analysis, Chemical Engineering/Bioetechnolgy, Political Science and Sociology) with various disciplines and research areas (i.e. agriculture, forestry, biology, biotechnology, biorefinery, innovation, transition studies, sustainability science, governance, sociology, systems science) work collaboratively. Find more information about the partners here

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Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC

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