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January 14th 2021

From the Management

Welcome back to a new year at CEC, where we start 2021 with a new name, a new Director, and a new leadership organisation. Yet, CEC will continue its work with research, education and collaboration, across subject boundaries, to promote sustainable development. The new organisation with a separate Director, Per Persson, and Chair of the Board, Henrik Smith, will strengthen CEC. The Director will be supported by four Assistant Directors focusing on undergraduate education, Katarina Hedlund, PhD-education, Natascha Kljun, research, Yann Clough, and stakeholder interactions, Anna Ekberg. Also the board is new. Read more on the CEC website

As mentioned above CEC has changed name to Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (Centrum för miljö- och klimatvetenskap). Please remember to change the name in your e-mail signature and in, for example, different kinds of templates and documents that you are using. Do also remember to notify those you work with or collaborate with, especially if you know that they mention CEC on their websites.

We have noted that some employees do not have any information (text and/or image) on their personal staff page. We would like to ask everyone to complete their page as soon as possible. Especially in these times, when we can’t meet physically, it is important that new employees (and former employees) still can get to know their colleagues and CEC, and the web is an important tool there. Updated information on the web is also important for all forms of communication at CEC.

Finally – as we know, there are many who feel bad in these times of corona and hard restrictions where we can’t meet as usual. Keep caring for each other and keep in touch with each other.

Sustainability Forum and Agenda 2030 Graduate School have published new webpages with a new layout and more information about their activities. You can also read about the updated mission of Sustainability Forum, with more focus on education and student participation.

Swedish webpage Sustainability Forum
English webpage Sustainability Forum
Webpage Agenda 2030 Graduate School


We warmly welcome Richard Walters as a researcher working on “The insect crisis: mechanistic insights into the drivers of extinction”, and we are happy to announce that Pernilla Borgström will continue as project coordinator working with Henrik Smith.

We’re hiring, please spread the word

Forskningsadministratör – stöd till forskarutbildning och forskarskolor -
Applications close on 27 January 2021.


Friday, 15 January 2021 - CEC Friday Breakfast Talk @ 10:15 – Per will welcome everyone back to a new year at CEC!

CEC’s Friday Breakfast talk is held every Friday the Teams group ”CEC” at 10:15. You should have received an invitation to the team “CEC“ – if not, use this link to join or use the code: 293u3aw in Teams.

20 and 21 of January 2021- ClimBEco graduate research school will have their annual winter meeting held online. The title of the meeting is ‘Multidisciplinary learning environments – seizing their opportunities and avoiding their pitfalls’ and more information can be found on ClimBEco’s webpage

20 January 2021 - Deadline for registrations for the SDGs Academic Research and Publications Initiative and submitting papers for the upcoming conference at HAW Hamburg.

SDGs Academic Research and Publications Initiative on Haw Hamburg web site
World Symposium on Sustainability Science and Research on Haw Hamburg web site

1 February 2021 – Deadline for applying for Nordplus project grant.
The application for the grant must be submitted no later than 1 February 2021. Nordplus is a collaboration between the Nordic and Baltic states as well as Åland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. The focus for 2021 to 2022 is a greener future and applications addressing the highlight on a greener future will be evaluated favourably. For more information please contact Petra Moser-Nørgaard, international coordinator at the Division of External Relations at Lund University
petra [dot] moser-norgaard [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (petra[dot]moser-norgaard[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se).

More information on Nordplus can be found on the Swedish Council for Higher Education web site

3 February 2021 at 8:30 - LU Land Breakfast seminar #4: Forestry with positive climate effects. LU Land invites relevant researchers and societal actors to join us for discussions about how forests can be managed to achieve as many positive climate effects as possible, without challenging other important values in forests. The event is held in Swedish.

Details on the CEC Calendar

16 February 2021 – Workshop on Data Management.
The Library of Science offers a workshop on how to create a data management plan (DMP) for your research project. More information is attached to this email.
Workshop data management, February 16th

18 to 24 October 2021 – Future Week at Lund University
Save the date! This year’s theme is ‘Breakthroughs’. Please read the information attach to this email.

IPCC Report

The draft version of a part of the IPCC’s report (AR6) is now out for review and experts are invited to participate in the review process. The report covers the impact of climate change on human and natural systems and the capabilities they have to adapt to climate change. For more information on how to participate in the review, please visit The review period is open until 29 January 2021.

Sten K Johnsons Foundation

Scholarships for individuals, organisations and companies in Skåne who have vision and drive to develop projects in education, culture, technology, medicine, entrepreneurship, literature and music. The application period run from 21 January to 18 February 2021.  Visit Sten K Johansons Foundations website on how to apply.

Facebook information video

More LU news

LU-newsletter nr 40
LU-newsletter nr 41.

Pictures and videos during your time at CEC – GDPR

During your time at CEC there will be pictures taken and videos shot at staff meetings etc. If you do not wish to appear in photos, videos etc. please notify Anna Maria Erling or Stina Johannesson.
information about data protection at Lund University
anna_maria [dot] erling [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (anna_maria[dot]erling[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)
stina [dot] johannesson [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (stina[dot]johannesson[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)

About the newsletter

The CEC newsletter is sent to employees and those that are associated with CEC. The newsletter is sent out on Thursdays every second week. If you have anything you would like to add to the newsletter, please send your information to Karin Hofvendahl, no later than Tuesday the same week.
karin [dot] hofvendahl [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Karin[dot]hofvendahl[at]cec[dot]lu[dot]se)