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Sandra Lindström

Sandra Lindström

Sandra is our next alumni to be presented. She did her PhD from 2011 until 2017. The thesis was about pollination on agricultural crops. She explored effects of insect pollination on yield and studied how crop management affected pollinators and pollination. The studies were done both in large-scale field experiments within the agricultural landscape of Skåne and in Northern Italy. 

Sandra was an industrial PhD student, meaning that she was hired by 
“Hushållningssällskapet” and completed her PhD studies as a collaboration between the company, SLU and Lund university. 

After finishing her PhD, Sandra continued as a researcher at Hushållningssällskapet. Continually she moved on to work at CEC at Lund university, focusing on literature reviews about competition among wild and managed bees and methods to assess effects of plant protection products on biodiversity. 
She then moved on to her current occupation as an analyst at Jordbruksverket. Some job assignments she has are to evaluate and follow up the national food strategy. The role also entails to work towards the national environmental objectives, as Jordbruksverket is main responsible for one of them, A varied agricultural landscape. 

Reflecting on what qualities and experiences she gained from her PhD, the critical 
thinking, retrieving information and looking at issues from different perspectives is some of them. 

The greatest part of ClimBEco was the contacts and the people you met she tells. The variations and opportunities to connect to people with various knowledge is priceless. Sandra really emphasizes how important and valuable it was for her to find a “Sister student” Lina Herbertsson, which she spent much time with and changed valuable experiences and knowledge with during their time as PhD students. 

If she were to be critical, Sandra would say that she wishes that she had spent more time on reading and analyzing literature together with post-docs and seniors at a regular basis. Knowing not only the literature on your own narrow topic but also broader topics stretches the comprehension for science. 

She would further encourage more PhD student to seek themselves out of academia once they are done, we need more people in society with this kind of knowledge and research background. Further advice is to take advantage of the time, use the contacts and the opportunities given to you as a student and engage in those opportunities. And make sure you have fun, allow yourself to be creative and surround yourself with people that you enjoy working with.