Natascha Kljun. Photo.

Natascha Kljun


Natascha Kljun. Photo.

Measurements and estimations of biosphere-atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases - Arable lands


  • Eszter Tóth
  • Zoltán Barcza
  • Márta Birkás
  • Györgyi Gelybó
  • József Zsembeli
  • László Bottlik
  • Kenneth J. Davis
  • László Haszpra
  • Anikó Kern
  • Natascha Kljun
  • Sándor Koós
  • Györgyi Kovács
  • Attila Stingli
  • Csilla Farkas


  • L Haszpra

Summary, in English

An overview of carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange and soil respiration measurements is given for representative Hungarian agroecosystems. We present results of long-term atmosphere/biosphere CO2 exchange measurements carried out at the Hungarian tall tower site (Hegyhá tsál). Tall tower net ecosystem exchange (NEE) measurements provided consistent estimates of landscape-wide carbon dioxide dynamics. During 1997-2008, the region mostly behaved as a net CO2 sink on annual scale. Year-round NEE was in the range of-352 ± 49 g C m-2 year-1 and 43 ± 9 g C m-2 year-1 (negative values indicate uptake). The measurements are representative to a mixture of arable lands with small contribution from other biome types. Effects of different soil tillage methods-applied in two long-term tillage experiments (Józsefmajor, Karcag) and in a peach orchard (Vác)-on soil CO 2 emission are also introduced. Soil respiration rate highly depended on the depth of soil disturbance and on the date of the measurements; CO 2 emissions measured immediately after tillage applications and during the vegetation period showed contradictory tendencies. Results obtained from a newly developed laboratory CO2 emission measurement method indicated strong coherences between soil carbon dioxide fluxes and soil water potential values.


  • Environmental Sciences


  • Eddy covariance method
  • NEE
  • Soil carbon dioxide efflux
  • Tillage
  • Undisturbed soil cores




  • ISBN: 9789048199495
  • ISBN: 978-90-481-9950-1