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First Nordic ICOS Symposium

icos The first ever Nordic ICOS Symposium will be held in Copenhagen 29-31 August 2017.

Climate researcher Kevin Anderson visits Lund April 10 and 11

kevin Professor Kevin Anderson is one of the leading experts in the world on climate change and has written a number of articles on the urgency for action. On April 10 & 11 he is visiting Lund.

Final conference: The value of ecosystem services

jord The research project Valuation of ecosystem services in agriculture - a path towards effective decision making (VESA) led by Katarina Hedlund will present their results at the Environmental Protection Agency's final conference March 21 in Stockholm.

Arguments for more ecosystem services

raps Anna Persson, researcher at the CEC is one of the authors of a new publication from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency "Arguments for more ecosystem services".

Final evaluation report of the Swedish rural programme 2007-2013

Lantbruk Four different research teams have shared the assignment of evaluating the the Swedish rural programme 2007-2013. One of the groups have been responsible for the second partial report, with the assignment of evaluating the programmes effect when it comes to measures for improving the environment. This research group has worked under the supervision of Henrik Smith Who has also been the editor of the report together with Juliana Dänhardt, both from CEC.

Potato project awarded grant

Ideation Johanna Alkan Olsson from CEC, Lund University was awarded 5 000 Euro for her project on algorithmic potato farming at Climate-KIC Nordic Ideation Day 27/1. The project will create a method for farmers to better handle outbreaks of late blight on crops, a disease expected to become more problematic in a changing climate.

Lund University and SEI sign MoU

SEI In January 2017, Lund University signed memorandums of understanding with Stockholm Envirionmental Institute SEI.

Workshop on Tools for Researchers at LU

schema • Do you get your Friday emails from Research professional with the latest funding opportunities? • Is your profile in LUCRIS, ORCID-ID and PRISMA in order? • What happens with your articles once they are published? How do you get them in all these databases?

Welcome BECC guest researcher Liba Pejchar, Associate Professor from Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology at Colorado State University

liba The purpose of Dr. Pejchar's visit is to advance science at the intersection of biodiversity, ecosystem services and agriculture in collaboration with BECC researchers.

Researcher awarded price from Society for Risk Analysis

ullrika Ullrika Sahlin, Researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, has been awarded Richard J. Burk Outstanding Service Award for her work in the field of risk analyses.

Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC

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