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Courses and Workshops 2017

ClimBEco PhD courses generally holds the format of one intensive study week and are free of charge.

The courses are open for all students, but admission priority will be given to PhD students participating in ClimBEco. The curriculum will include in-depth disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary courses.

ClimBEco will pay for travel and accommodation in connection with courses within the ClimBEco course program.

To be eligible for ClimBEco support for course participation, active attendence on all mandatory activities within ClimBEco is needed. If this criterion of active ClimBEco participation is not met by the student, ClimBEco can deny the support (i.e. course fee, travel and accommodation costs, etc).

Information on how to book travel and accommodation (Link to information page)


Autumn 2017

Greenhouse gases GHG - biogeochemistry and measurement techniques in ecosystems and landscapes

4-8 September 2017
University of Gothenburg
More information about the course
Last day to apply: 1st of August 2017

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agriculture, forestry and urban environments

2-6 October 2017, Lund University (Stensoffa)
More information about the course
Last day to apply: 15th of September

Global Environmental Governance Today - Actors, Institution, Complexity

16-20 October 2017, Lund University
More information about the course
Last day to apply: 

Chemistry and Climate Change

Autumn 2017 - Autumn 2018, University of Gothenburg
(Weekly moderated discussions)
More information about the course
Course schedule


Spring 2018

Bayesian analysis and Decision theory

Early spring 2018

Global Elemental Cycles

Spring 2018

Risk uncertainty and Decision making

Autumn 2018



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Call for courses 2018-2019

Call for courses 2018 - 2019

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