Raül López I Losada. Foto.

Raül López I Losada


Raül López I Losada. Foto.

Analysis of the environmental impacts of 218 consumption items : Greenhouse gas emissions, land use and water use per SEK and kg.


  • Annika Carlsson Kanyama
  • Noha Baraka
  • Reneé Benders
  • Mårten Berglund
  • Fredrik Dunér
  • Rixt Kok
  • Raül López I Losada

Summary, in English

A software application combining process and input–output analysis (EAP) was used to
analyze 218 consumer products and services for environmental impacts over their life
cycle. The results are available as carbon dioxide equivalents, land use and water use per
kg and per SEK. The products and services were chosen either because they are consumed
by many Swedish consumers today or because they may be consumed to a large extent in
the future. This report presents the results from these calculations along with an
explanation of how the software (EAP) works, as well as a description of where the data for
the database update and the analyses came from. The report includes five appendixes
containing the collected data, assumptions and results.