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March 7th 2019

From the management

Wonder why you’ve bumped into a film shooting in the corridor this Tuesday? Together with photographer Johan Bävman, we’re working on a small film project to be used for attracting new students to the programmes in environmental science. Alumni from both the private and municipal sector as well as current students share their ideas on why environmental science is the topic of today and tomorrow. The film will shortly be published online. Questions? Ask Stina Johannesson or Hanna Holm.

Unfortunately there was a burglary on the ground floor last week and a mobile phone was stolen from a looked office. Actions are now taken to increase the security. We take the opportunity to remind that it is everybody’s responsibility to prevent unauthorised persons getting access to the premises, and to make it difficult to come across valuable belongings. Therefore always look the door to your office, don’t leave valuables visible or overnight and act if you observe unknown persons. If something would occur call the police on 112 if urgent/ongoing, otherwise on 11414. Also contact LU Security at 046-2220700.


We warmly welcome Linda Lundmark as a new PhD students in Environmental Science. Her project is on Ecological compensation, her supervisor is Johanna Alkan Olsson. Linda has until now been employed as a project assistant working with Johanna on smart cities and climatization, and she will stay in the same office as before.

We also welcome professor Tobias Kuemmerle, the 6th Wallenberg Guest professor, wo has spent the week at CEC, and will spend significant time at CEC during 2019 and 2020. He is head of the Conservation Biogeography lab at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, where he has worked with land-use, especially land system dynamics (i.e. when and why land use changes), threats to biodiversity, and conservation strategies. For example, an important issue in his research is the spatial prioritization of conservation areas. His visits at CEC will give ample opportunities for academic exchanges and possibilities to create joint projects.

On March 11 we welcome researcher Hélène Serra, who will work with Maria Hansson on emerging ecotoxicological challenges of mixture effects from pesticide use. Hélène will share office with Anna Persson. Helena Hanson has changed her office, and is now found in the same office as Johanna Alkan Olsson.

On March 18 we welcome Lena Söderberg as new administrator at CEC. Lena will work with travel expense reports, filing and other administrative tasks. Her office will be in the administrative corridor.


CECs Friday breakfast fika is served from 9:30 to 10:15 in the CEC lunch room and most Fridays there is a presentation at 10:15.

Tomorrow, March 8th Jenny Hansson will give us highlights from the program of the upcoming Sustainability week – Transforming our world on 8-13 April.

Tomorrow March 8th there is also an LU seminar “#Metoo – och nu då?” (what happens after #meetoo). The seminar is in Swedish at the SOL center between 10 and 16. Read more here

CEC methods seminar series. We will discuss the use and misuse of p-values in research on Wednesday March 13th at 14.30 to 15.15 in the meeting room next to the CEC fika room. Prepare by reading the American Statistical Society’s statement on statistical significance and P-values by DOI: 10.1080/00031305.2016.1154108. Facilitator this time will be Ullrika Sahlin. The target audience consists of researchers and PhD students.

On March 19 there will be a seminar with Professor Åke Bergman from Stockholm University, who is the former Head of The Swedish Toxicological Network (Swetox) to discuss the future of Swetox and how we can continue to put focus on research and education concerning chemical safety and toxicology in human health and the environment in the future. Details: Tuesday March 19, at 10-12 am, at the Ecology Building (Sölvegatan 37), ground floor conference room. A light lunch will be served between 12-13 for those who can stay and continue discussions. To find out more and register send an email to Maria Hansson, at maria [dot] hansson [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se no later than March 15.

Charlotte Baey from University of Lille and former postdoc at CEC will give a talk about “testing for randomness in mixed effects models” on Wednesday March 20th at 14.00 in Communis, 3rd floor, the Ecology buildning. Read more about Charlotte here

On March 29 you can join the discussion on what a CEC policy on business travel that complements the new LU rules should include. Kimberly Nicholas from LUCSUS and Alexandra Nikoleris from Environmental and Energy Systems Studies are invited as speakers, and the seminars are followed by a discussion. The time of the total event is from 10:00 to 11:00, with fika served from 9:30. Read more here

The Sustainability Week in Lund will be held April 8-13 on the theme “Transforming our World”, focusing on the global goals and Agenda 2030. Four areas in great need of transformation will be highlighted: Food, Cities, Work/Life and Stories. We invite you to listen, discuss, create and learn throughout Sustainability Week and integrate these perspectives into your own work or field of study. The Sustainability Week is an annual event in Lund where the university, the City of Lund, organisations and other interested parties organise a week filled with activities relating to sustainability. Sustainability Forum is responsible for the overall project management of the week.

Stadens natur, 10 april 13-16.30, Skissernas museum. How do we balance the need for new buildings, people's access to green environments and other species' habitats? Welcome to a seminar and panel discussion on urban nature. Arranged by CEC during the Sustainability Week (in Swedish).

Klimatpolitiska rådet i Lund, 10 april 18-20, Magle Konserthus. Lund was the first municipality in Sweden to set up a local climate policy council with researchers, whose task is to evaluate the work for reducing climate impact and climate adaptation. At this seminar, the Climate Policy Council presents its first annual report. Markku Rummukainen and Johanna Alkan Olsson are both participants from CEC.

Good to know

Applying for grants? Please, make sure to hand in “fullkostnadskalkylen” in good time for a signature, contact Eva Stengard eva [dot] stengard [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se for help. Also put your project at the white board opposite to Eva’s room in the CEC corridor. Please note that all co-funding needs to be approved by the CEC director before sending in the application, who will consider the size of the co-founding in relation to the strategic value of the application for CEC.
European Health Insurance Card. Remember to apply for a European Health Insurance Card before travelling within Europe, read more here.
Heard about LUCRIS/The LU Research portal? What is supposed to go in there? How do I do it? What is it good for? What benefits can I get from it? If you want a hands-on crash course for about 30 min contact Lina Nikoleris to set up an appointment.

CEC in the media

Markku Rummukainen writes in the Swedish newpaper Hallandsposten: The future climate is already here.
Johan Ekroos has commented on new research projects about how pollinators can cope extreme weather situations in
Lina Herbertsson has been interviewed by Forskning & Framsteg about the decline of pollinating insects.

Lund University Future Week – contributions welcome!

Lund University launches an annual Future Week starting 14-20 October 2019 on the theme Transitions. The organizers ask for proposals on researchers and topics/ideas for the week, se the attached file for more information. For questions contact Markku Rummukainen. Submit your suggestions by 25 March at 15:00 to Louise [dot] Pierce [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se.

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