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March 21st 2019

From the management

CEC has been granted funding from LU for a so-called collaborative initiative to find solutions for sustainable land use. The initiative is called LU Land and is coordinated by Henrik Smith, read more here.

Are you busy writing an application? Please note that all applications has to be approved by the CEC director beforehand. This applies to all applications where a researcher at CEC is the main or co-applicant or the application involves funding of positions at CEC. This is the case whether the application involves co-funding or not. To make this work you need to get an approval from the CEC director by handing in a short list of facts to Cerina Wittbom 1 week before deadline, and hand in the “fullkostnadskalkyl” to the economist Eva Stengard 2 days before deadline. See this checklist for more info on how to proceed.

There is a lot of new information at the CEC Staff pages, for example purchasing instructions and a new CEC power point presentation.

It’s also busy tomes for those applying for undergraduate studies in the autumn semester. You can read more about two present students views on the undergraduate education in Environmental Studies here (in Swedish).


On Monday March 25 we warmly welcome Anna Maria Erling as substitute communicator. She will be the substitute of communications manager Hanna Holm who will be on leave from April until the end of September. Anna Maria will share office with Lina Nikoleris. 

On April 1st we welcome Cheryl Sjöström as a project leader in ClimBEco. She will initially work half time at CEC, focusing on the mentoring programme, seminar series and summer school. Cheryl will share office with Deniz Koca and Mikael Pontarp.

On April 1st we also welcome Juliana Dänhardt back from parental leave. She will initially work half time at CEC, focusing on finalising the STACCATO-project and resume the stakeholder support at CEC mainly through the LU Land platform. Juliana will share office with Cerina Wittbom.

We are happy to announce that Romain Carrie will stay at CEC for two more years, as a researcher focusing on evaluating alternative policy options to conserve biodiversity in contemporary agricultural landscapes. Romain will stay in the office he shares with Ullrika Sahlin.


CECs Friday breakfast fika is served from 9:30 to 10:15 in the CEC lunch room and most Fridays there is a presentation at 10:15.

Tomorrow, March 22nd there is no seminar, but fika is served from 9:30.

Next Friday March 29 the presentation is extended to a whole hour, and you can join the discussion on a CEC policy on business travel. The new Lund university policy and the policy from LUCSUS and Environmental and Energy Systems Studies will be presented, and the seminars are followed by a discussion. Time of the total event is from 10:00 to 11:00, with fika served from 9:30. Read more here

On Thursday next week, March 28, at 14:30 there is a fare well fika for Hanna Holm in the CEC lunch room. Hanna will be on leave for six months from her position as the communications manager at CEC, to try a new position at Sweden's national center for education and research on public transport, K2.

Sustainability Week April 8-13 “Transforming our World”

The Sustainability Week in Lund will be held April 8-13 on the theme “Transforming our World”, focusing on the global goals and Agenda 2030. Four areas in great need of transformation will be highlighted: Food, Cities, Work/Life and Stories. See the full programme:

Office space

There is an ongoing discussion about office spaces in the Ecology building. In the short run it will be a bit crowded and people will have to move around, but there will be more office space available later this year. We will keep you informed on a regular basis. To give room to new persons, some colleagues will change their office right now. William Sidemo Holm will share office with Ivette Raices Cruz, and Maria Blasi will share office with Lovisa Nilsson and Jasmine Livingston. Lina Herbertsson and Georg Andersson will temporarily move to office E223 on the 2nd floor.

Have you changed rooms lately?

If so, your information in Lucat might need to be updated. It is important that your information is correct since it is the information presented on the LU website when people search for your contact information. Here you can find a short manual on how to change your room and phone number. If you need a new nameplate, please send an email to Irene Bergstrand, and she will print one for you. 

CEC in the media

Henrik Smith has signed two debate articles published in major Swedish papers, one about the Global Strike for Future in Dagens nyheter, and another article about the outsourcing of wages management to Statens servicecenter in Svenska dagbladet.





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