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February 21th 2019

From the management

The CEC Board on February 8 decided on the long term budget for CEC, initiated the work on a travel policy for CEC and discussed the strategy for CEC in 10 years.

The Faculty of Science will perform an overview of CEC, with the purpose of securing a long term stable organisation and financing. The Management group are looking forward to the overview, and is preparing by planning the further discussions of the strategy for CEC in 10 years, which will be carried out in the Collegium during the spring and with all staff on April 26.

CEC received positive responses on several research applications last autumn, why we are continuing to develop and recruit both researchers and administrative staff during 2019. There are discussions going on in the Ecology building which in the long run will liberate more office space, but in the short run there will be a lack of office space, and there have to be some more persons working in each office for a while. We ask for your understanding and cooperation during this period.

Lund University has decided on new rules for business trips. The overall principals to consider are work environment and safety, environmental impact and cost effectivity. Your manager has to approve all your business trip in advance, and should in the decision take all the overall principles into consideration. There are recommendations on what to consider when planning and booking a business trip, these are in short:

Is there an alternative to making the trip (phone, skype etc)?

Use the travel agency Egencia.

Domestic travels are to be taken by train, except if the time gain is more than two hours in each direction including transfer and waiting time, when flying could be considered.

Train trips more than two hours can be in first class, and night train travels can be in a private compartment.

Public transport should be used, also for transfer. Taxi should be used on special occasions, i.e. if no public transport is available. Rental cars should be used restrictively and always be booked via LUPIN.

Hotel should be booked via the travel agency.

For questions contact asa-katrin [dot] erlandsson [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Åsa-Katrin Erlandsson).

To have a discussion on what a CEC policy on business travel that complements the new LU rules should include, Kimberly Nicholas from LUCSUS and Alexandra Nikoleris from Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, both of which recently have decided on a travel policy, are invited as speakers on a CEC Friday seminar on March 29.

Finally CEC´s Annual report 2018 is now published.


We warmly welcome Pernilla Borgström, who has started as a project leader working with Henrik Smith. She will share room with Mark Brady. We also welcome master student Yudiana Yang, who is writing her master thesis this spring with Ullrika Sahlin as the supervisor. She will share room with Ivette Raices Cruz.

We’re is hiring, please spread the word:

Postdoc in Environmental Science and Aquatic Ecology, closing date 2019-02-26
Postdoc on benefits from urban nature-based solutions, closing date 2019-02-28
Researcher in Biodiversity Conservation, closing date 2019-03-01
Researcher on Climate costs of boreal forest clear-cutting, closing 2019-03-03
Postdoc on Climate costs of boreal forest clear-cutting, closing 2019-03-03
Find links to open positions here


CECs Friday breakfast fika is served from 9:30 to 10:15 in the CEC lunch room and most Fridays there is a presentation at 10:15.

Tomorrow, February 22 Geneviève Metson from Linköping university will talk about How spatially explicit data and optimisation modelling can help better manage nutrients on the landscape.

Next Friday March 1 Henrik Smith will share information about what is going on at the CEC this spring.

On March 8 Jenny Hansson will give us highlights from the program of the upcoming Sustainability week – Transforming our world on 8-13 April.

On March 8 there is also an LU seminar “#Metoo – och nu då?” (what happens after #meetoo). The seminar is in Swedish at the SOL center between 10 and 16. Read more

Save the date March 29. Please join the discussion on what a CEC policy on business travel that complements the new LU rules should include. Kimberly Nicholas from LUCSUS and Alexandra Nikoleris from Environmental and Energy Systems Studies are invited as speakers on the CEC Friday seminar on March 29. The seminar is followed by a discussion and the time is from 10:00 to 11:00.

CEC in the media

Maj Rundlöw has commented on the Swedish exemption to use a recently forbidden pesticide.

Katarina Hedlund and Henrik Smith has, together will colleagues at other Swedish universities, written a debate article on the risk of loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services if the necessary reduction of meat consumption for climate reasons also affect the preservation of semi-natural grasslands.

Group discussions

Tellus is a three-year research-based project aimed at strengthening the preventive work against sexual harassment at Lund University. Tellus is looking for participants for group discussions on sexual harassment at Lunds University. Read more and sign up

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