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August 22nd, 2019

CEC Newsletter August 22nd 2019

From the management

Welcome back to an autumn full of new opportunities!

The Management group has identified the following areas of special interest:

The oversight of the CEC organisation and long term resources of CEC performed by the Faculty will continue during the autumn and will be presented in the end of the semester. We are looking forward to this as a major opportunity to strengthen and develop CEC.

  • The two reports IPBES and IPCC put new focus on CECs focus areas, and the Management group values them as important as inspiration for the further development of CEC.
  • Self-evaluations of all research at LU are conducted (RQ20), where CEC will be part of several units of evaluation, as well as BECC and MERGE being evaluated separately.
  • VR will decide upon the future funding of ICOS Sweden, with long term consequences for the operations. Regardless of the outcome, ICOS is an important part of CEC and the decision will have an effect on the long term planning of CEC.
  • We are going to be extremely short of office space during parts of the semester, starting in September will several new colleagues arriving before we’ve got access to new localities. Another consequence is that the meeting rooms in the building now also are used for educational purposes, and you might have to reebok your meeting to another location from time to time. All bookings are now handled electronically, more info below.

We are looking forward to see you at the next CEC Staff day on September 26 with the theme Getting to know CEC better! Getting to know CEC better was something that was requested both during the last staff day and in the health environment survey. Thus you will be asked to prepare a short presentation of yourself and your work at CEC, focussing on the research part. It will be a full day at Råbylunds gård located in the south east of Lund. Please register not later than 9th September. More info and registration here.


We warmly welcome the following new persons to CEC:

Postdocs Jordan Mertes and Muhammad Shahbaz will both work on Climate costs of boreal forest clear-cutting, their host being Natascha Kljun. Jordan will share office with Willi May, and Shahbaz with Martijn van Praagh.

Postdoc Georgina Brennan will work on Effects of invasive species on the Hanöbukten bay and Baltic Sea ecosystems, her host being Maria Hansson. She will share office with Anna Persson and Hélène Serra.

PhD student Dmytro Perepolkin will work on Decision theory in environmental management. His supervisor is Ullrika Sahlin and he will share office with Lovisa Nilsson and Maria Blasi Romero.

Postdoc Emma Johansson will work on Developing future scenarios for bioenergy, food and other agriculture-based products. Emma will initially work part time at CEC and share office with Georg Andersson, Carlos Martinez Avila and Linda Lundmark. Her hosts are Johanna Alkan Olsson and Yann Clough.

Postdoc Emily Poppenborg will stay at CEC for two months working on Synthetisizing ‘archetypes’ of crop-pest-enemy complexes based on their functional traits. Her main host is Yann Clough, and she will share office with Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson and Cheryl Sjöström.

To give room to new persons, some colleagues has changed office. Georg Andersson is now sharing office with Carlos Martinez Avila and Linda Lundmark. Nina Reistad is now sharing office with Lena Söderberg.

We’re hiring, please spread the word:

Doctoral Student position in Environmental Science with focus on modelling effects of eco-evolutionary dynamics on ecosystem services in heterogeneous agricultural landscapes. Closing date for application 30 August, 2019.

Postdoc in Landscape Ecology. Closing date for application 31 August, 2019.

Acting project leader Sustainabilty Forum, in Swedish. Closing date for application 1 September, 2019.


For an updated list of events see the CEC calendar (English version). Below the most relevant during the coming weeks.

CECs Friday breakfast fika is served from 9:30 to 10:15 in the CEC lunch room and most Fridays a presentation starts at 10:15. Tomorrow Friday August 23rd Åsa Thormählen from Human Recourses at LU will talk about Career development for academic staff. Next Friday August 30th Katarina Hedlund will talk about how do we store, loose and benefit from soil carbon.

On August 29 at 12:00 Maria Blasi Romero will present her introductory paper in Fagus, Ecological models, predictions and decision-making: moving towards mainstreaming ecosystem services.

The exhibition “Carbon Ruins – A museum of the fossil age” is once again on display in Lund. A museum set in 2053, it looks back at our successful transition away from fossil fuels. Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson will give a guided tour of the exhibit 3 September 13.00 at Domkyrkoforum for anyone at CEC who are keen. Read about the exhibition.

On September 5th there is a mini-conference on Urban public space, from ancient Rome to tomorrow - Different perspectives on the role of public space for inclusive societies in Palaestra. There are a limited number of places, read more and register here.

Registration for upcoming events:

September 9 is the last day of registration for the CEC Staff day on September 26 with the theme Getting to know CEC better. More info and registration here.

September 10 is the last day of registration for the 2nd Nordic ICOS Symposium, "Sources and Sinks of Greenhouse Gases" on 24 - 25 October in Gothenburg. More info and registration here.

Free tickets for upcoming climate events. Markku Rummukainen is one of the speakers at the upcoming climate events HETTAN in Malmö on 14 September and Helsingborg on 15 September. Climate-interested students and staff are invited and can get free tickets if you sign up before 25 August. There are a limited number of tickets. More about the event in Malmö and Helsingborg. To register for the free tickets you fill in the details on the webpage and in ”Meddelande (Message)” you note the discount code  HETTAN14 for the Malmö event and HETTAN15 for the Helsingborg event. Then choose payment method “Faktura (Invoice)” which will then be removed when the staff deals with your booking.

CEC Field work photo 2019 – Competition

After an intense field work period during summer, we are curious to know what you have been up to during Your field work! Compete for one out of three sound absorbent printings to be viewed by colleagues in the CEC kitchen, by submitting your ultimate field work to cerina [dot] wittbom [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se (Cerina Wittbom) before 15th of Sept. Note, that the photos need to be of high quality (preferably 300 ppi) for the printing and GDPR approved for publication and distribution by CEC. More information is found here.

* The definition of field work is up to the competitors…

CEC in media

The CEC has had an extensive media coverage during this summer. Below you can find a few examples. You can find the total coverage here, but only in Swedish. To read the full newspaper articles for free, search in the Media Archive available via the LU Library portal here.

One of the most well-published news from Lund University this summer was a debate article in Dagens Nyheter, signed by Anna Persson, Lina Herbertsson, Maj Rundlöf and Sandra Lindström, about how to help pollinators in the right way. Their message – that hives for honey bees won’t contribute to “saving the bees” or biodiversity, was widespread in Swedish media.

Anna Persson was also interviewed in Dagens Nyheter on easy ways to contribute to biodiversity in your own garden. (The article was as well a personal portrait). She has also talked about breeding of bumble bees in Sweden in P1 Morgon, Sveriges Radio (02:41:00) and about how to help pollinators in Hallandsposten.

Yann Clough’s research about how increasing crop heterogeneity in agricultural landscapes can have a positive effect on biodiversity without taking land out of production has gained a lot of attention in media. Se for example ATL, Land Lantbruk, Lantbruksnytt, Jordbruksaktuellt, Vetenskapsradion, SVT Nyheter Småland och Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Romain Carrié has also been interviewed in several papers, Sydsvenskan, Landskrona-Posten, Ystads Allehanda and Trelleborgs Allehanda, about his research on the resilience of farms – organic farms and conventional farms – to extreme summer droughts.

Georg Andersson was interviewed on the project Farm2Forest in Smålandstidningen and other local papers. SVT Jönköping also covered his and his assistants fieldwork in Jönköping County.

Dagmar Clough, researcher at CEC 2018, was interviewed in ATL, Land Lantbruk och Dagens ETC on her research about the current reform proposal from the EU Commisson on CAP. The proposal will not improve the environmental protection – rather the opposite, says Dagmar Clough.

Markku Rummukainen has been seen in media a lot on occasion of the IPCC special report on climate change and land, which was released the 8th of August. Markku was, for example, interviewed in SVT Nyheter, Dagens Nyheter, Sveriges Radio, Ny Teknik och Land Lantbruk. Henrik Smith was also interviewed in Sveriges Radio on occasion of the report.

Markku Rummukainen was also interviewed in Vetenskapsradion on a new study about climate change, and in Dagens Nyheter and Aftonbladet, among other papers, on a new report about how climate change will affect cities across the world.

Earlier this summer Johan K Jensen was interviewed in Sydsvenskan about his research on birds in cities and Johanna Alkan Olsson and Helena Hansson were interviewed in SVT Nyheter and Sveriges Radio P4 Kristianstad on how to find wild flowers to make midsummer wreaths these days.

Electronic booking of rooms

As of August 1, the meeting rooms in the Ecology and Biology buildings is booked online with TimeEdit. You log in with your lucat id using this link. In connection with this, the paper calendars are removed and current reservations are transferred to Time Edit. If you have questions ask Lena Söderberg. For more info se here.

Financial support for Open Access publishing fees

The university has a new deal with Springer which means that you pay no publishing fee to publish open access in their pure OA journals. Read more here. As a general rule, you will get 50 % off the publishing fee if you chose any pure, serious OA journal (apply here). Until the end of 2019 this subsidy is increased to 100 %! Read more here. The university has various deals with several publishers, which means that you pay no publishing fee to publish open access in their hybrid journals. Read more here. NB! You need to be corresponding author and affiliated with LU! If you have questions, turn to the biol [dot] bibl [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se (Biology library), or the publicera [at] lub [dot] lu [dot] se (University Library).

About the newsletter

The CEC newsletter is sent to employees and those that are associated with CEC. The newsletter is sent out on Thursdays every second week. If you have anything you would like to add to the newsletter, please send your information to Karin Hofvendahl, no later than Tuesday the same week.

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