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Gradual return to the office

Although the situation with covid-19 has improved in Sweden since last spring, we still have a pandemic to deal with. All dates given below are of subject to change, but this is the plan based on the information we have now. These are the regulations that apply at CEC this autumn:

Until 15 September: Work from home, like before

All employees who do not need to be at the workplace are to work from home. You have to get permission from your line manager for each time you need to access Campus, including office, lab work or field studies.

Exception to this:

From 18 August, a gradual and orderly adaptation of educational activities can take place (doctoral studies are covered by the same conditions as education). Employees who must physically attend the workplace to teach, assess study performance and carry out related activities may return to the workplace, after permission from their line manager. Those active in the basic education will be informed separately.

From 16 September until 31 October: A gradual and orderly return to office-based work

This means that the main rule is that you are to work from the office, provided that the regulations below can be followed. You could agree upon a different extent of office-based work with your line manager.

When working from the office at CEC, the regulations below are to be followed!

The regulations apply to everyone, whether you are vaccinated or not, and whether you have had covid or not. Everyone is also obliged to follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations and stay home if you experience symptoms that may indicate Covid-19.

  • You must keep a distance of one meter to other people in all directions. This applies to office work, sitting meetings, in the kitchen and in the labs. Since we are indoors, this is of extra importance, especially if you are with others for longer periods of time (something to avoid).
  • General guidelines for the maximum number of people who may work in an office at the same time:
Maximum number of people in offices
Area (sqm) Maximum number of people Example List of offices
less than or equal to 10 1 Standard office  
11-18 2 Bigger office E230-E232, C312, C354, D330-D333, D340, D342
19-25 3 Big office E233, C353
35 5 Former CEC kitchen D341


If you share an office and you are more people than what is stated as the maximum above, you must agree on who is in the office on which days. If it overlaps, contact your line manager.

There are five flexible seats in the CEC's former kitchen (D341) and two flexible seats in the old meeting room opposite the CEC's former kitchen (D331). These places are booked through your line manager.

  • In meeting rooms, the minimized Covid-number of seats specified in TimeEdit and on the door applies. Chairs must be placed in every other place and meeting participants must be placed so that they are sitting in a zigzag pattern across the table. Note that this only applies to single meetings for a short time. Larger, or longer, meetings are still to be held digitally.
  • In common areas such as lunchrooms: sit in every other place. Spread out the times for coffee and lunch so that not everyone is there at the same time.
  • Before conducting lab or field work contact your line manager for more information.
  • Ventilate shared offices and spaces as often as possible.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Regarding travel to and from the workplace: Follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s guidelines, avoid public transportation or travel at times when fewer people travel.

If you have brought home your monitor and/or office chair, you must ensure that they return to the office when you work there to a greater extent. There are no extra screens or chairs for lending.

If you have questions or concerns, contact your line manager.