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Booking of meeting rooms

As of August 1, the meeting rooms in the Ecology and Biology buildings will be booked online with TimeEdit. You log in with your lucat id using this link. More instructions on how to book can be found at the biology web here

In connection with this, the paper calendars are removed and current reservations are transferred to Time Edit. Bookable rooms for staff at the Department of Biology and CEC are listed below: 

Room                                             Building               Number of seats
Cellen (B-C216b)                           Biologihuset                    7
Etiketten (B-D107)                         Biologihuset                    8
Kuvösen (B-C114)                         Biologihuset                    8
Mitokondrien (B-A273)                  Biologihuset                    8
Communis (E-B355)                     Ekologihuset                  12
Darwin (E-C252)                           Ekologihuset                  12
Fagus (E-C352) - CEC                 Ekologihuset                  14
Mikroben (E-A254)                       Ekologihuset                  12
Museet (E-E334)                          Ekologihuset                  10
St. Konferensrummet ( E-A120)   Ekologihuset                  22                                 
Studenten (E-E134)                     Ekologihuset                  10
Tanken (E-D143)                          Ekologihuset                  24


You have to enter the following information when booking:
- Lokal = room: ex Fagus
- Kostnadsställe = cost center: there is no charge for booking the meeting rooms, type 156911
- Aktivitet = type of meeting: ex meeting, workshop
- Personal: person responsible for the meeting, and who can change or delete the booking. May be more than one person.

Optional to enter are: Titel, Kommentar, URL

In each room there is a QR code you can scan with your mobile that links to an overview of how the room is booked.

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