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Support at Lund University

Research Services

Research Services offer researchers and research teams support and help on issues concerning external research funding. Research Services have special responsibility for the following funders and programmes: Swedish funding bodies with special requirements for central management, the EU framework programme Horizon 2020, and American federal funding bodies.  

Research Services has compiled a “Funding paths for Excellence” guide of funding opportunities oriented towards basic research available in different career stages with an indicative list of expected merits and skills. The guide may be used in the strategic planning of researchers, supervisors, head of departments, team leaders and the like.

More about support from Research Services on the LU staff pages

Funding paths for Excellence guide (PDF, 345 kB, new tab)


The Legal Division provides help with agreements. Not all agreements require legal review. It is therefore optional to contact the Legal Division for support, which can be accessed if you need it.

More information, support and templates regarding agreements on the LU staff pages

Conditions for participating in projects

For partaking in projects with external partners, where Lund University is a party to a contract research or collaboration agreement which includes terms and conditions on the rights to results, confidentiality and publication, the individual participants (researcher, doctoral students, or other) must approve those terms and conditions by first signing an agreement with the University. 

More information and the agreement on the LU staff pages

Ethics support for researchers

For research projects involving people or the handling of personal data, you may need to apply for ethical permission. For research project involving animals, you need to apply for permits. As an employee of Lund University, you have access to research ethics support from the Lund University Ethics Council. 

More information regarding research ethics regulations at 

forskningsetik [at] lu [dot] se

Lund University library research support

As a researcher at Lund University, you can get various forms of support and assistance from the libraries in your research process, when you are to publish your work and on questions concerning Open access and bibliometrics. Through different types of publisher agreements, researchers at Lund University can publish open access without paying, or only paying a part, of the author fees in subscription-based and open access journals.

More information regarding library research support at

More information regarding publisher agreements at

Research data

Research data is information collected or created to serve as support for analysing and validating research results. The data can be analogue or digital information as well as lab reports and software.

More information regarding management of research data and links to support functions at


Research coordinator
Marianne Hall
marianne [dot] hall [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 73 046 16 73

Manager of research development
Yann Clough
yann [dot] clough [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 68 31


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