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Events 2019

Past events of the CEC Fellows
The CEC Fellows organizes seminars, meetings and other events, with the aim of stimulating and enabling new interdisciplinary research endeavors in the field of environmental and climate research. Please let us know if you have ideas and suggestions for future events, and indeed feedback on past activities, your input is much appreciated and very important! Here you find events from 2019.

CEC Fellows seminar series on concepts, 2019

Seminar no.4: November 29 - Capacity building

The fourth seminar brings up the concept Capacity building. Researchers from different research fields will give presentations on how the concept is used in and the relation to their research. More information here, register here before November 21. 
Suggested reading: 
1.    Hagelsteen, M.,  & Becker (2019). Systemic problems of capacity development for disaster risk reduction in a complex, uncertain, dynamic, and ambiguous world. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 36, 1-10. 
2.    Hagelsteen, M., & Burke, J. (2016). Practical aspects of capacity development in the context of disaster risk reduction, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, 16, 43-52. 
3.    Hagelsteen, M. & Becker, P. (2013). Challenging disparities in capacity development for disaster risk reduction, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 3(1), 4-13. 
4.    Hagelsteen, M., Becker, P. (2014). A great Babylonian confusion: Terminological Ambiguity in Capacity Development for Disaster Risk Reduction in the International Community, in Proceedings of the fifth International Disaster and Risk Conference (pp. 298-300), August 24-28, 2014, Davos, Switzerland: Global Risk Forum GRF Davos. 

Seminar no.3: October 2 - Scenario

The third seminar will focus on the concept Scenario. Researchers in five different research fields will give presentations on the concept with their own research as point of depature. More information is found here, register here before September 25. 

Seminar no.2: June 5 - Landscape

The second concept seminar focus on the Landscape perspective, consisting of five short presentations from different research fields and present different ways in which it is understood. More information is found here, register here before May 29. 

Seminar no.1: February 14 - Governance

The seminar series is starting out with Åsa Knaggård and colleagues from political science straightening out the concept of Governance as a research perspective for us.
More information is found here, register here before February 8.

Understanding Media: 20 November 2019, Lund

The CEC communication manager, Anna Maria Erling will give us insights into the world of Media and how it works. Anna Maria is a journalist by training and has experience both from working as a news reporter on radio, newspaper and television, as well as working with popular science, research journalism and as an editor-in-chief. More information is found here. Register here before 13 Nov. 

Info & Matchmaking event with environmental and climate researchers: 24 April 2019, Lund

Welcome to participate in an exciting matchmaking event to discuss future collaborative projects within environmental and climate research. This event is to facilitate discussion and dialog to promote new contacts and collaborations between researchers in the broad subject areas of environmental and climate research, with the take-off in Formas call "Visions and Conditions for a Fossil-Free Welfare Society". 

More information and registration (before 17 April) are found here


For any questions, feedback and suggestions, or to join the CEC Fellows, please contact:

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