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CEC Alumni

Have you studied or worked at the CEC? Welcome to our alumni network!

CEC Alumni is a professional and social network for everyone who is or has been involved with the CEC through studies or work. The alumni network can be a resource in your working life, facilitate making new contacts and create a common platform for old classmates and friends from the CEC. 

Why join CEC Alumni?

By joining the CEC Alumni you can expand you professional network and interact with people who have similar educational background and/or work experiences.

The network offers:

  • A specialized network within your educational area
  • Invitations to talks, seminars and alumni events
  • Work related inspiration and career advice
  • Increased opportunities to contact students at the CEC for internship, thesis projects or graduate positions

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Lund University Alumni Network

Wish to receive invitations and updates from CEC Alumni directly to your inbox? Register in the Lund University Alumni Network to stay in touch with not only the CEC, but also with Lund University as a whole. Read more about the network here.

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