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Photo of Mattias Ohlsson

Mattias Ohlsson


Photo of Mattias Ohlsson

Protein structure alignment using mean field annealing


  • Mattias Ohlsson

Summary, in English

Unraveling functional and ancestral relationships between proteins as well as structure prediction procedures require powerful protein alignment methods. This paper describes the use of fuzzy alignments when matching protein structures. The method use mean-field annealing optimization of fuzzy alignment variables, based on a cost expressed in terms of distances between aligned atoms and of gaps. The approach performs well when compared to other methods, requires modest CPU consumption, and is robust with respect to choice of iteration parameters for a wide range of proteins.


  • Computational Biology and Biological Physics - Undergoing reorganization

Publishing year




Document type

Conference paper


  • Biophysics

Conference name

WSEAS International Conference on Mathematical Biology and Ecology

Conference date

2004-08-17 - 2004-08-19

Conference place

Corfu, Greece