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Johan Ekroos

I am a researcher in ecology and environmental sciences with a special interest in understanding patterns in terrestrial biodiversity using a wide range of study organisms. In this context I am particularly interested in what consequences land-use change has on biotic communities and whether one can find synergies between strategies targeted at biodiversity protection and ecosystem service provision.

I tend to approach the broad research topics outlined above in two general ways. As often as possible I’m combining multiple organism groups in one study design to be able to explain how and why groups with contrasting ecological requirements respond in different ways to changes in landscape properties or lands-use intensity. In this context I have worked with vascular plants, ground beetles, butterflies and geometrid moths, bumblebees, solitary bees, hoverflies and birds. The second approach involves using species-specific traits of organisms, such as mobility, habitat specificity and dependence of insect pollination regarding vascular plants. Using this approach I have studied questions relating to biotic homogenisation of butterfly communities, community composition of plants and plant-pollinator interactions.

More recently I have turned my attention towards the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functions, in particular pollination, and perhaps most importantly, interdisciplinary research projects together with economists, sustainability scientists and social scientists. As a board member in the research school ClimBEco one of my main responsibilities is to introduce enrolled PhD-students to interdisciplinary research and how one can approach complex environmental problems using interdisciplinary research tools. Currently I am also working as an associate editor for the ornithological journal Ornis Fennica.



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Johan Ekroos, photo: Outi Ekroos
E-mail: johan [dot] ekroos [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se


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