Leave, sick leave, travel expenses/costs, time reporting

Lund University's staff management system is Primula. You will find everything you need to know about sick leave, vacation and parental leave on Lund University's staff pages.

About annual, parental and sick leave on staff.lu.se

Reporting sick leave

In case of illness you should report your first day of sickness in Primula. When you are back after your illness period, you report that in Primula. As before, a medical certificate is required from day eight. The medical certificate should be sent to your manager. You should also inform your manager, or administrative manager Karin Hofvendahl, if you are ill.

Register travel expenses/costs

Register your travel expense report or expense report in Primula. Print a copy of the report from the system and attach your receipts. The system tells you that you don’t have to print the report, but this is not valid at LU.

Write on the report who authorizes your trip and/or costs. You can make a comment to the expense report in the "description" field (“syfte” in Swedish) in the system, or write it on the printout. Then leave the report for validation. 

  • Lina Nikoleris on BECC (156912) or MERGE (156913) 
  • Ylva van Meeningen on ClimBEco (156918) or A2030 (156910)
  • Annika Malmgren Widerberg on the undergraduate education
  • Camilla King on other activities.

If you have any questions, contact Camilla King.

If you have employees who submit time reports

It is your responsibility to ensure that the employees who submit time reports know that you are responsible for knowing what procedures applies at the CEC. You can read more about what your responsibilities are in the page on field work.
Field work

Also, you should ensure that the employees who submit time reports receive information about time reporting.
Time reporting

Notify Irene Bergstrand as soon as possible if you have a new employee who will leave a time report and supply the contact details of the person. You have to be available to approve reported hours on the 3rd to 6th each month.




Camilla King
camilla [dot] king [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
046-222 98 15

Human resources administrator 
Irene Bergstrand
irene [dot] bergstrand [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
046-222 47 76