ICOS Sweden

Integrated Carbon Observation System – Sweden

ICOS Sweden – a part of an European research infrastructure on greenhouse gas balance

ICOS Sweden is the Swedish contribution to the European research infrastructure ICOS RI (Integrated Carbon Observation System – Research Infrastructure), formed to quantify and understand the greenhouse gas balance on the European continent and in adjacent regions. The infrastructure provides long-term observations (20+ years) required to understand the present state and predict future behaviour of climate, the global carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions. ICOS Sweden also enables the development of detailed knowledge of Sweden’s total greenhouse gas budget, information useful for environmental and climate related work on both the national and regional levels. ICOS Sweden also invites research groups to use the infrastructure for performing own measurements at the sites.

Deeper understanding of the driving forces of climate change requires full quantification of the greenhouse gas sinks and sources and their development. The mission of ICOS is to make accurate measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes and concentrations in order to allow estimation of source/sink distributions at different spatial and temporal scales, which will be of key importance to verify the effectiveness of mitigation activities.

ICOS Sweden currently covers six ecosystem stations, one combined marine-ecosystem station and three atmospheric stations from Abisko in the north to Skåne in the south. Cooperation partners besides Lund University are Gothenburg University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Equipment and running costs are jointly funded by the Swedish Research Council and the organisations.

ICOS Sweden's website – icos-sweden.se