Mentoring Programme

The ClimBEco mentoring programme is optional for PhD students in the ClimBEco research school. As part of the mentoring programme, mentees take part in training modules led by a licensed psychologist designed to promote personal development, communication skills, improved change management, and an awareness of power and gender structures in academia. Parallel to the training modules, mentees are individually paired up with an mentor with whom they meet regularly over the duration of the 12-month programme.

The current mentoring programme has 8 mentee participants and runs until April 2021. The next mentoring programme is scheduled to run between August 2021 and August 2022.

ClimBEco mentoring programme 8 (PDF, 449 kB, new tab)

Schedule for the current programme*


March 27, Start-up meeting, Mentees
Location: Zoom (originally: Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund)

March 31, Start-up meeting, Mentors
Location: Zoom

June 4–5, Personal leadership, Mentees
Day one 13.00–18.00, day two 8.15–15.00
Location: Zoom (originally: Scandic Star, Gothenburg)

August 20–21, Mentor training and Communication I
Day one 09.30–16.00 (Mentors)
Day one 12.30–20.00, day two 8.00–15.00 (Mentees)
Location: Elite Hotel Mollberg, Helsingborg

November 19–20, Personal development, Mentees
day one 12.00–20.00, day two 08.00–15.00
Location: Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund


January 21–22, Communication II, Mentees
day one 12.00–20.00, day two 8.00–15.00
Location: Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund

March 25–26, Power and Gender, Mentees
day one 12.00–20.00, day two 08.00–15.00
Location: tbd, Gothenburg

April 23, Mentees, end of programme, Mentees
Location: tbd, Gothenburg

*Due to covid-19, the original programme has been modified and is subject to additional changes.

Travel information

ClimBEco covers travel and accommodation costs for participating mentees. Information on how to book travel and accommodation is found here: 

Travel instructions for ClimBEco PhD students (PDF, 496 kB, new tab)

For more information about the next mentoring programme, contact Cheryl Sjöström.