Henrik Smith
Head of CEC, Coordinator BECC, director of Hållbarhetsforum

Katarina Hedlund
Deputy Director

Deptuty Director of CEC when Director is absent, responsible for the undergraduate education in Environmental  Science

Karin Hofvendahl
Administrative manager

Responsible for the administrative support and service, secretary of the board, part of the management group, gives support to the Director and other management functions.

CEC management group

Staff and finance matters

Irene Bergstrand
Human resources administrator
Employment, leaves, salary, benefits, travel expense reports, time reports

Lena Söderberg
Purchasing, Lucat, booking of meeting rooms

Eva Stengard
Finance officer

Budget, forecasts, financial support for research projects, invoices


Anna Maria Erling
Communications manager
Press contacts, internal and external communication, outreach and collaboration. Also maintenance of CEC's digital channels. 

Stina Johannesson
Communications officer
Communication and marketing related to the educations (bachelor, master and doctoral level) and the graduate schools, with a particular focus on the new Agenda 2030 Graduate School.

Annika Malmgren-Widerberg
Internal Communication
CEC's internal web pages, maily the staff pages. Also responsible for content and updating of web pages for the undergraduate education i environmental science.


Juliana Dänhardt
Research Coordinator

Coordinator for outreach and collaboration at CEC, mainly within BECC, MERGE and LU Land.

Research development and coordination

Yann Clough
Deputy director of CEC, responsible for research development

Coordination, strategic development and management

Marianne Hall 
Research coordinator CEC

Strategic research initiation and contact point for researchers at CEC and the CEC Fellows network. Monitoring of funding opportunities and support researchers in the application process.

Undergraduate studies

Katarina Hedlund
Responsible for the undergraduate education in Environmental  Science, coordination and strategic development, leads the undergraduate education committee.

Yvonne Persson
Manager of undergraduate studies in Environmentsl Science, student counselor

Overall responsibility for the undergraduate education, educational development, the faculty's contact person, member of the faculty's education committee.
Guidance and information for new and existing students, including questions about eligibility requirements, credit counts, study breaks or suspension.

Annika Malmgren-Widerberg
Programme administrator undergraduate studies

Student administration in Ladok, i.e. registration and results. Administration of courses in Canvas and room booking and schedules in Time Edit. Aministrative support to the Director of undergraduate studies and Student councellor as well as teachers and students.

Stina Johannesson
Communications officer

Communication and marketing related to undergraduate and master's programs.

Postgraduate studies

Natascha Kljun
Director of the PhD program

Coordinates and develops research training and research schools, leads the Research Programmes Board

Maria Hansson
Assistant Director of the PhD program in Environmental Science

Assists the Direktor 

Ylva van Meeningen
Administrator in PhD education in environmental science
Student administration in Ladok. Management of courses, room booking in Time Edit. Administrative support to the Director of the PhD program and service to teachers and doctoral students.

Anna Ekberg
ClimBEco Research School Coordinator
Coordination, strategic development and supervision of daily operations.

Cheryl Sjöström
Project manager ClimBEco Research School
Develop and implement ClimBEco activities, including courses, seminars and meetings. Coordinate ClimBEco’s mentorship program. Collaborate with other relevant actors and institutions relevant to the research school.

Deniz Koca
Coordinator BIOECONOMY Graduate Research School
Coordination and strategic development

Ylva van Meeningen
Research administrator graduate research schools ClimBEco, BIOECONOMY and Agenda 2030

Research administrator for the graduate schools Agenda 2030, BIOECONOMY and ClimBEco. Responsible for administrative tasks within the frames of courses, travel bookings, meetings, events and admission.

Stina Johannesson
Communications officer

Communications and marketing related to postgraduate studies and graduate research schools, in particular Agenda 2030.

Visiting and postal address

Visiting address
The Ecology Building
Sölvegatan 37 Lund

The Ecology Building in Google Maps

Postal address
Lund University
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research
Sölvegatan 37
SE-223 62 Lund

Address for delivery of packages
Lund University
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research
Naturvetarevägen 6A
SE-223 62 Lund

Invoicing address
Lund University
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research
Box 188
SE-221 00 Lund

Lund University internal postal address