Teachers and researchers who have their, full or part of, employment at CEC meet in the CEC Kollegium to increase synergies, strengthen exchange of information and experience and to develop the co-operation between CEC and other departments at Lund University.

The common aim of the Kollegium is to:

  • strengthen the development of interdisciplinary environmental-, climate- and sustainability-related research and education at CEC and Lund University
  • contribute to the development of Environmental Science as a subject
  • increase and deepen co-operation with society when it comes to environmental-, climate- and sustainability-related research and education
  • facilitate the co-operation between CEC and other activities at Lund University

Participation in the work

Each member of the Kollegium defines, with the common aims as a starting point, their own aims from his/her specific research and educational interests a contract that is revised yearly. Included in the duties are participating at the Kollegiums meeting and yearly give a short account for completed missions.

The Kollegium meets about once a month. The members of the Kollegium are offered shared office space at CEC and are expected to spend some amount of their working time at CEC.

The Kollegium has no specific role towards the formal management structures at CEC, but acts as an exchange of ideas to the management at CEC.

Members of the Kollegium

Anna Ekberg
Carl Dalhammar – portal.research.lu.se
Cecilia Akselsson – portal.research.lu.se
Charlotta Turner – portal.research.lu.se
Deniz Koca – portal.research.lu.se
Edith Hammer – portal.research.lu.se
Erik Swietlicki – portal.research.lu.se
Henrik Smith – portal.research.lu.se
Johanna Alkan Olsson – portal.research.lu.se
Katarina Hedlund – portal.research.lu.se
Kristina Stenström – portal.research.lu.se
Maj-Lena Linderson – portal.research.lu.se
Maria Hansson – portal.research.lu.se
Markku Rummukainen – portal.research.lu.se
Martijn van Praagh – portal.research.lu.se
Natascha Kljun – portal.research.lu.se
Nina Reistad – portal.research.lu.se
Paul Miller – portal.research.lu.se
Per Persson – portal.research.lu.se
Pål Axel Olsson – portal.research.lu.se
Ullrika Sahlin – portal.research.lu.se
Yann Clough – portal.research.lu.se
Yvonne Persson
Åsa Knaggård – portal.research.lu.se

Contact CEC Kollegium

Johanna Alkan Olsson
johanna [dot] alkan_olsson [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 17 93

Administrative support
Lina Nikoleris
lina [dot] nikoleris [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se