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Nyanlända studenters behov av utbildning : Möjligheter och hinder

Newly arrived students’ education needs : opportunites and barriers


  • Birgitta Nordén
  • Helen Avery

Summary, in English

Refugees arrive in Sweden in connection with wars and repressive conditions in their countries of origin or refuge. Recently, many have come from the Middle East, and Syria in particular. The situation of refugees has a wide range of consequences for education in the host country, including higher education. Validation and admissions procedures involve administrative challenges, and language is another salient issue. However, the need to accommodate heterogeneous student groups also has implications for teaching approaches and changes the types of knowledge that can be collaboratively produced in academic settings. Different kinds of knowledge and competences become relevant in education and research. Finally, the multiplication of direct links between Sweden and the Middle East has implications for sustainability learning and action capabilities, creating opportunities in areas such as climate resilience, food security, transitions away from fossile fuels, sustainable physical planning, water management or the development of alternative technologies.


  • Centre for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies
  • Arabic Studies

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Conference - other


  • Educational Sciences


  • sustainability
  • global challenges
  • global education
  • refugee education
  • newly arrived students
  • higher education

Conference name

Nordisk forskningskonferens om miljö- och hållbarhetsutbildning

Conference date

2016-10-27 - 2016-10-28

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Örebro, Sweden