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Entre les mesures spéciales de soutien et l’enseignement : la réception des nouveaux-arrivants en Suède

Between special support measures and teaching: receiving newcomers in Sweden


  • Helen Avery


  • Catherine Mendonça Dias
  • Brahim Azaoui
  • Fatima Chnane-Davin

Summary, in English

The system of welcoming newly arrived students in Sweden has experienced numerous modifications since its inception. Additionally, because the interpretation of education laws us left to the municipalities and head teachers, the various policies have resulted in a multitude of local practices. Over the years, a very wide range of models for organising newcomer reception have therefore been tried out in Sweden. This makes it possible to draw some conclusions regarding didactic implications, and to identify the most critical aspects. Across the various experiences, it is noteworthy that the reception system remains placed at the margins of the education system as a whole, which leads to inadequacies in teacher training as well as obstacles to the collaboration required across teams, professional groups and institutions. The pedagogy is based on a general perception of
the incapacity of the student, while the many "special measures" that aim to compensate for perceived deficits do not result in teaching approaches that facilitate the transition between education systems or take into account expectations of the students and their families.


  • Centre for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies
  • MECW: The Middle East in the Contemporary World

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Allophonie. Inclusion et langues des enfants migrants à l’école

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Book chapter




  • International Migration and Ethnic Relations
  • General Language Studies and Linguistics
  • Educational Sciences


  • Sweden
  • migration
  • education policies
  • deficit approach
  • newcomer reception




  • ISBN: 978-2-35935-300-6