Mentoring Programme

Registration to the eighth mentoring programme is now open! If you would like to participate in the programme, please note all six training modules are mandatory. The schedule for the mentoring programme can be found below.

The ClimBEco mentoring programme is optional for PhD students in the ClimBEco research school. As part of the mentoring programme, mentees take part in training modules led by a licensed psychologist designed to promote personal development, communication skills, improved change management, and an awareness of power and gender structures in academia. Parallel to the training modules, mentees are individually paired up with a mentor with whom they meet regularly over the duration of the 12-month programme. Mentors are individuals that have earned a PhD degree and are working either within or outside of the university system. As a mentor, you receive support and guidance in what it means to be a mentor (versus for example a supervisor or counsellor) and will take part in a one-day training module on mentorship and communication.

The ongoing seventh mentoring programme runs between March 2020 and April 2021. The eighth mentoring programme is scheduled to run between March 2021 and March 2022.

Link to the programme 8 registration page

Schedule for the 7th mentoring programme, 2020-2021

Due to covid-19, the original programme has been modified and is subject to additional changes.

200327 Module 1, Start-up for mentees
200331 Start-up for mentors
200604-05 Module 2, Personal leadership
200820-21 Module 3, Mentor training and Communication I
201119-20 Module 4, Personal development
210121-22 Module 5, Communication II
210325-26 Module 6, Power and Gender
210423 extra module, Conclude programme

Schedule for the 8th mentoring programme, 2021-2022

210311-12 Module 1, Start-up for mentees
210315 Start-up for mentors
210608-09 Module 2, Personal development
210826-27 Module 3, Mentor training and Communication I
211118-19 Module 4, Communication II
220120-21 Module 5, Power and Gender
220325 Module 6, Conclude programme

Travel information

ClimBEco covers travel and accommodation costs for participating mentees. Information on how to book travel and accommodation is found here: 

Travel instructions for ClimBEco PhD students (PDF, 496 kB, new tab)

For more information about the mentoring programme, contact Cheryl Sjöström.