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The Environmental Science PhD program courses

The overall purpose of our courses is to provide the students with basic knowledge about what environmental science is; what research is carried out; how to work interdisciplinary and understand other disciplines outside natural sciences; communicate results; and also to improve critical thinking.

The History of Environmental Science, 6 ECTS

Literature studies of selected books with discussion seminars, 10 occasions, the course is given repeatedly when necessary.

Course leader is Professor Jan Åke Jönsson from the Department of Chemistry, Lund University.

Ethical Conflicts in Science, 6 ECTS

Six meetings when we discuss different sides to environmental issues in the world today. The course is also open to students outside the Environmental Science Program. 

Course leader is Dr. Maria Hansson from the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research (CEC)

Nature, Culture, Society: Environmental Science in relation to other disciplines, 6 ECTS

The aim of the course is to enable PhD students to reflect on the discipline of environmental science in relation to how research is done at the social sciences and the humanities. The course will provide PhD students with the opportunity to reflect on the contemporary conditions for environmental science and how a collaborative research project can be initiated. 

Course leader is Dr. Johannes Stripple from the Department of Political Science, Lund University.

Communicating Science, 3 ECTS credits

Given together with the ClimBEco research school.
In this course students will learn about the common skills that all effective science communicators have: identifying and characterizing the target audience; distilling the relevant information to be communicated; effective ways to deliver and receive information; and the variety of techniques and media by which scientific information is communicated. 

Course leader: Maren Wellenreuther from the Department of Biology, Lund University

Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC

Sölvegatan 37
223 62 Lund, Sweden

Visiting address
The Ecology building, Sölvegatan 37, Lund